Miami Dolphins Rumors Circulating On This Friday


Aug 30, 2012; Green Bay, WI, USA; Green Bay Packers wide receiver Greg Jennings (85) during the game against the Kansas City Chiefs at Lambeau Field. The Packers defeated the Chiefs 24-3. Mandatory Credit: Jeff Hanisch-USA TODAY Sports

The weekend means no work for most of us.  Two days away from anything that resembles and office.  For others, it’s just another day at the office.  Regardless it’s still Friday and on this particular Friday, there is a few things going on around the Miami Dolphins.

With the Scouting Combine swinging into action and Jeff Ireland likely taking in the “illegal/legal” tampering talk of the impending free agency, rumors will spill.  We have a few.  Here is what is going on today, Friday with the Miami Dolphins.

According to Chris Mortensen, the Dolphins are talking internally about bringing both Mike Wallace and WR Greg Jennings to the Dolphins.  If they do, and that is a very big “IF”, it’s a certainty that Brian Hartline will be playing somewhere else.   It would be a major move for Jeff Ireland and a bold move for the team.

Consider that both Jennings and Wallace are better than any receiver the Dolphins have and in reality both are at the top of the free agent food chain at their position.  It would be nothing short of a coup to add both to this offense.  The Dolphins could easily make this happen because both players are different in their style of play.

Wallace is a deep threat and Jennings is the go-to guy with the hands of gold.  Ryan Tannehill would have two of the best in the game at his disposal.  Add in a top rookie TE and suddenly the Miami Dolphins offense would look on paper as potent as that in New England.

The caveat here however is that a new report from is that Jennings is reportedly seeking a salary that will pay him in the range of Larry Fitzgerald and Calvin Johnson.  That yearly price is around 14 million.  There is no way that the Dolphins will pay Jennings that kind of coin and it’s likely they won’t pay that for Wallace either.

Brian Hartline who is watching these rumors has reportedly said he would be “willing” to accept around 6.6 million to stay with the Dolphins.  That’s really nice of him considering it could be argued that he is worth under 5.

While some fans are none to concerned about the departure of Reggie Bush, some fans are.  The Dolphins Jeff Ireland today said for the first time that the two sides are talking.  Where each side is on price is not known but the Dolphins are not likely going to give Bush a raise or pay him the 5 mill he received last year.  But at least they are talking.  A two year deal for Bush may not be a bad idea if the price is right.

Jake Long still insists that he would love to stay in Miami but he will not give the team a discount.  Long has repeatedly said that his future is squarely in the hands of the Dolphins.  Which means they either pay him what he wants, the top LT salary in the NFL or at least close to it, or he will be more than happy to call home a city that will.  Don’t let the door hit ya!

With the recent revelation from Jeff Ireland that the team is in fact considering the use of the franchise tag, many in the media believe it will be used on Randy Starks.  The tag would pay Starks between 6-8 million and not the 12 million that NT Paul Soliai received under the tag prior to.

The Dolphins have until March 3rd to make a decision on the use of the Franchise Tag.  They have until March 9th to re-sign any of their own free agents.  At that time, impending free agents may start negotiating salaries with other teams with formal moves starting on March 12.

The Dolphins have apparently reached out to soon to be free agent Anthony Fasano as well for a new deal.  If Fasano is re-signed it is expected to be less than his previous deal and will not stop the Dolphins from looking at the draft for his eventual replacement.  However if the Phins do re-sign him it’s likely they will not seek to address the position in free agency.  The information comes on the heals of the news that TE Jared Cook will not be hitting the market.  For what it’s worth.