Who Will The Chiefs Draft First Overall?


Jan 04, 2013; Arlington, TX, USA; Texas A&M

This April hundreds of kids throughout the country will finally get the chances to turn their lifelong dreams into a reality, as they will sit by their phones eagerly anticipating a call from one of 32 NFL teams. What exactly am I talking about? Well, the NFL Draft of course. Every year we see the brightest college football talent turn into NFL superstars. Whether they’re drafted in the first round or the seventh round, they will have the opportunity to leave their mark and hope that the coaching staff picks them to be a member of their roster. This year, the Kansas City Chiefs possess the first pick in the draft. With multiple players that have the potential to be picked first, the Chiefs certainly have their worked cut out for them over the course of the next couple of months. With the combine coming up, the Chiefs will have an excellent opportunity to scout and interview the possible candidates as they hope that they can hit the jackpot with the right player. While they have multiple holes they need to address, I believe they will draft Luke Joeckel, the left tackle out of Texas A&M.

Believe it or not the Chiefs aren’t that far away from being a playoff team. Yes, they did have the worst record in football last year, but with newly signed head coach Andy Reid coming in, things could quickly change in KC. Yes, the Chiefs need a quarterback. Yes, the Chiefs could use an upgrade at the pass rush, and yes, the Chiefs could certainly use a wide receiver. Despite all of that, I believe they will take Joeckel for multiple reasons. This Chiefs team is a lot like the Dolphins from a few years back. They drafted Jake Long in hopes that they can start solidifying one of the most important parts of a professional football team; the offensive line. Sure, the Chiefs spent money on a Pro Bowl tackle last off-season in Eric Winston. But imagine Winston and Joeckel on the line together. The Chiefs would be set at the tackles positions for at least another five years. A lot of people are probably going to say they need a quarterback. Although they do need a QB, there isn’t exactly one that stands out as the alpha dog. The top rated quarterback Geno Smith still has a lot of maturing to do. I don’t think Smith would have an immediate impact on the team. However, if they draft Joeckel and then re-sign Dwayne Bowe and snag a quarterback in free agency or via trade, they could be good to go.

A couple of options at the quarterback position could be Matt Flynn, Nick Foles, or even free agent Matt Moore. The team already has a great running back in Jamaal Charles. Imagine Matt Moore with Jamaal Charles in the backfield, Dwayne Bowe at the wide receiver position, and then two stud tackles. The Chiefs could easily have one of the best offenses in the AFC West. Or, the Chiefs could even do what the Cleveland Browns did last draft, when they drafted Trent Richardson and then traded back into the first round to draft a quarterback. Of course, I would say the Chiefs draft Joeckel first overall and then trade back into the top 15 to draft Barkley, Glennon or Smith. I’m certainly not an expert; however; if it were up to me I would certainly draft Joeckel first overall. He has so much potential and could easily develop into one of the best tackles in the NFL.

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