Top 5 Quarterbacks In 2013 NFL Draft


Feb 24, 2013; Indianapolis, IN, USA; Tennessee Volunteers quarterback Tyler Bray throws a pass during the NFL Combine at Lucas Oil Stadium. Mandatory Credit: Brian Spurlock-USA TODAY Sports

For the first time in what feels like forever, the Miami Dolphins will enter the NFL Draft with zero confusion at the quarterback position. As fans, we should be thanking the football Gods we do not need a quarterback this year, as teams like Kansas City and Oakland find themselves with the conundrum of whether or not to use an early pick on a gunslinger. This draft’s quarterback class is also a huge drop off from last year’s, where we saw the likes of Robert Griffin III, Andrew Luck, Russell Wilson, and our very own Ryan Tannehill go early and succeed in their rookie campaigns. While Miami will not be drafting a QB this year, here are  my top 5 quarterbacks in this year’s draft.

5. Mike Glennon, North Carolina State – A lot of mock drafts have Glennon going eight overall to the Buffalo Bills. While I think he has what it takes to be a good quarterback in this league, taking him in the first round at all would be a stretch. One thing Glennon has that the other prospects don’t is great size: he’s listed at 6 foot 6, 232 lbs. Whoever grabs Glennon will have a project on their hands, but if molded correctly, Glennon could go on to be a prominent passer in the future,

4. EJ Manuel, Florida State – In the few Florida State football games I watched this year, EJ Manuel looked pretty good. Some scouts are comparing him to a Cam Newton or a bigger Russell Wilson, and I think Manuel will end up being one of the better quarterbacks in this draft if he goes to the right team. I think Manuel could go as high as the second round, but I see him more as a third to fourth round option. However, if given the opportunity to come in to training camp and compete for a starting job, we could see Manuel starting come next fall.

3. Tyler Bray, Tennessee – If Bray lives up to his full potential, he will be the best quarterback in the 2013 NFL Draft. That’s a big “if” though. Growing up an hour away from Knoxville, I’ve had the pleasure of watching Bray up close in multiple games. The first thing you notice about Bray is that he looks like a stick out there. He is 6 foot 6 and only 210 lbs, surely he will be injured after one hit right? Wrong. The next thing i noticed about the QB is that he is extremely tough and gutsy. He doesn’t play scared. The last thing I noticed is the ball shoots out of his hand like a cannon. How can someone so skinny have so much zip on the ball? If Bray can stay out of trouble off the field and a team is willing to put in the effort to beef him up and work with him, Bray will be a beast in this league. He reminds me of a skinnier Matthew Stafford.

2. Tyler Wilson, Arkansas – For a while, Wilson was the number one guy coming into the draft. I like Wilson a lot. He stayed a leader throughout the Petrino scandal, and can make any throw at any time. His big frame yet quick fit make him a danger when he is on the run. I see Wilson going as high as eight to the Bills, but if he isn’t taken there, I don’t expect him to escape round 2.

1. Geno Smith, West Virginia – Whether you believe in him or not, Geno Smith can throw the football. He posted an incredible 8 TD passes in one game this year (granted against a less than stellar pass D), and is the favorite to go number one to KC. Whether or not he goes number one, Smith will more than likely be the first QB chosen. He will have a lot to live up to, and I think he has a good chance to be something in this league. He has great size and athletic ability, and can sling the ball with great velocity. I am rooting for Geno Smith, and certainly do not want to see another Jamarcus Russell. Unless of course he is drafted by the New York Jets.