Dolphins Moore Tops My List Of Free Agent Priorities


Nov.25, 2012; Miami, FL, USA; Miami Dolphins quarterback Matt Moore (left) talks with teammate Ryan Tannehill (right) during the the second half against the Seattle Seahawks at Sun Life Stadium. Mandatory Credit: Steve Mitchell-USA TODAY Sports

The Miami Dolphins locked up QB Matt Moore for the next two years on an 8 million dollar contract.  The deal secures the one Miami Dolphins impending free agent I listed as the top off-season priority.  Let me repeat this…the top Dolphin impending free agent re-sign.  Yes, more valuable to this team than Jake Long, Reggie Bush, Randy Starks, and Sean Smith.  Even Brian Hartline.

The Dolphins have had a history of poor QB’s since Dan Marino left.  They also have had a long list of bad back-up QB’s since Don Strock walked off the field.  The Dolphins needed to shore up a position that could be critical if the team loses Ryan Tannehill for any real length of time.  As we saw last season, Moore is capable of coming in cold and winning you a game.  Isn’t that right New York?

Going back to the early years of the Dolphins, Bob Griese had Earl Morrall and then had Don Strock.  The best years of Dan’s career was with Don Strock riding pine behind him.  Ryan Tannehill needs that guy he can turn to.  That guy who can team him and finding that kind of player is not all that easy in this NFL.  The Moore deal will give Miami a legit starting caliber QB to back up a sophomore QB who reportedly will run more of the read-option and be allowed to simply run more often.  QB’s who run put themselves in position to take a lot of unnecessary hits.

Moore may never step on the field and the Dolphins very well may waste 4 million a season.  Or the team may opt to trade him prior to the trade deadline.  A deal that would work out for Matt Moore.  As of now there simply isn’t enough teams with definitive starting QB problems.  There are a lot of question marks but next year QB’s will have their heads roll.  Moore, should a team lose their starter or their starter in question fails, could be a widely sought after option in that trade.

The Dolphins now have the benefit of having two very capable QB’s who have both learned the system together and can work with the first team.  The second team offense now will have a QB with NFL starting experience throwing them the ball.  Making the roster better.  Finally, Moore is one helluva respected player in the locker-room.  Many players were lobbying for his return and the Dolphins will keep an important leader in touch with the players as Tannehill develops more.