Who Is Your Favorite NFL Player?


December 9, 2012; San Francisco, CA, USA; Miami Dolphins running back Lamar Miller (26) runs with the ball after a catch in the first quarter against the San Francisco 49ers at Candlestick Park. Mandatory Credit: Cary Edmondson-USA TODAY Sports

When you talk about different players and teams throughout the National Football League, you will always have a bias towards a specific team and a specific player(s). For me, it’s the Miami Dolphins and Lamar Miller. For you, it could be the Baltimore Ravens and Ray Lewis. No matter which team you root for or root against, what matters is you are a spectator in one of the greatest sporting events that the world has to offer. Sure, you could debate that soccer is better than football or that basketball is far more exciting and faced paced. However, what you can’t argue is the amount of influence the game of football not only has on younger kids throughout the country, but with American culture in general. If you’re a fan of the game, every Sunday from September to February you sit in front of your television set, whether it’s solo or with a group of friends and watch what has truly become a sport that has revolutionized the way we look at sports.

The players that make up the NFL vary. Some are smart witted Ivy League guys that attended Harvard such as Ryan Fitzpatrick, while some players strive for the off field publicity such as a Terrell Owens or Chad Johnson. No matter what, you are bound to have a favorite player. When it comes to my choice of favorite player, it’s Lamar Miller. Over the past few years I have really had the great opportunity of watching Miller grow not only as a football player, but as a person. Being a Miami Hurricane fan I am always interested in gaining more knowledge on who they recruit to play for them. When I first saw the name Lamar Miller, I instantly became excited. For people living in South Florida, football is almost a rite of passage. If you live down here, chances are you either play the game or you enjoy following it from the bleachers. Clearly, I don’t play. However, I love the game almost more than anything else. Me being a big football fan, I always like to know the high school players that make up South Florida.

Coming out of high school, Miller was not only one of the best running backs in the state, but in the entire country. When he signed with the University of Miami, I was quite pleased. His speed and ability to hit the holes up the middle were very impressive. As he continued to shine in a Hurricane uniform, I continued to be amazed. When he left as a sophomore, I was quite bummed. I thought that he could use another year in college, but he knew what was best for him. When the Dolphins drafted him, it was almost as if he was being recruited to play at UM all over again. I always thought highly of Miller, but once he was drafted by the Dolphins, he quickly became my favorite player. I mean, how could he not?

For a while Miller was my favorite player based off his personal ability to play and the affiliation he had with not only my favorite college team, but my favorite professional team as well; however, what really solidified Miller as my favorite player was when I met him. Normally you get to meet players at practice or different events held by the Dolphins. I, however, met him at a restaurant. I first noticed a couple of Dolphin players sitting at a table eating dinner. I was unable to see that Lamar was there, because his back was turned towards me. Being the respectful fan I am, I decided not to say anything to them and let them eat. As they were getting up and walking out of the restaurant I wasn’t going to say anything, but then I saw Miller. Quickly I said his name. Instead of doing the normal professional athlete routine of walking away and ignoring me, he stopped, turned and said greeted me. I got out of my chair and talked to him for a minute before asking kindly for a picture. I got that picture and he got my respect. Most athletes don’t like to acknowledge their fans. They think they’re better than us because we pay to see them and wear their name on our jerseys. As I said earlier I always favored Lamar because of his playing abilities and his affiliations; however, after this experience, I was able to add his kindness to the list. Clearly, he is humble and is appreciative of the rare experience he is getting to enjoy.

That is why Lamar Miller is my favorite player. He is a fantastic player and is truly humble and grateful. So before I end this article, I have two simple questions to ask you; who is your favorite NFL player and why?

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