Miami Dolphins Draft Week Quick Hits


The NFL Draft is this week.  In case you forgot.  It’s on Thursday and while the official start is still a few days away there is still plenty of commotion surrounding the Miami Dolphins.  From rumors, trade talk, and possible selections, there is no shortage of “stuff”.  Here is a quick look at topics making their way around the WW on this Monday afternoon.

Branden Albert:  The Dolphins have reportedly not spoken with the Chiefs in 5 days about a trade however it appears that the team is not willing to give Albert the kind of money he is asking for.  Albert’s want’s a salary in the 8-9 million a year range putting him above Jake Long.  The Dolphins are reportedly a little shocked by the number and therefore nothing is getting done on that front.  It was reported late last week that the Dolphins would be willing to trade overall pick number 54 for the LT.

San Diego Chargers:  A new rumor that is beginning to surrender to internet fever is that the Chargers may be willing to offer K.C. a higher draft pick and pay Albert what he wants.  With the Chargers and Chiefs being from the same division I would discount this talk immediately.

New Uniforms:  As a reminder the Dolphins will be rolling out their new uniforms on Thursday.

Dee Milliner – Several in the media are now predicting a fall for the high-end CB.  Apparently Milliner’s injury may keep him out of training camp.  Some are predicting he could fall into the mid-teens.

N.Y. Jets – The Jets now have two first round picks.  Number 9 and number 13.  The Dolphins of course select at 12.  There are reports that NYJ may be looking at CB D.J. Hayden and target another defender at number 9.

San Francisco – The 49’ers want to trade down to the 13 to 16 spots of the draft.  Apparently not to 12 though.  The Vikings, Steelers, Cowboys, and Rams are other teams who could move up on day 1.  Cleveland, Buffalo, and Oakland are teams who may want to be moving down from the top.

Tyler Eiffert – Eiffert is the consensus fan pick from most Dolphins fans message boards and many in the media believe that Eiffert may be the Dolphins target as well.  With the Branden Albert situation eroding quickly, the Dolphins may opt to package 54 and move down however to take an offensive lineman.

Davone Bess – While the Dolphins rarely move a player during the draft, Davone Bess could see his name brought up after the first and likely 2nd rounds.  If the Dolphins address the slot WR position, Bess becomes very expendable as he heads into the contract year.

2nd round – The Dolphins have struggled to find quality players in round 2.  Sean Smith was good but never great.  Chad Henne, Pat White, John Beck…Oh My!

 Buffalo Bills – The Bills are expected to draft a QB at the number 8 spot but the question is who.  For now, they are entertaining former Dolphins’ LB Karlos Dansby.