A Few Possible Draft DayTrades that could take Place Involving the AFC East


Feb 1, 2012; Indianapolis, IN, USA; Christian Barrett poses in front of a mock NFL draft set during Play 60 Kids Day at the NFL Experience at the Indiana Convention Center. Mandatory Credit: Jerry Lai-USA TODAY Sports

It’s the day before the draft and there are reports/smoke screens left and right about what every team may or may not do. Every report has to be taken with a grain of salt. I thought it would be a good idea to look at three possible trades that could take place in the AFC East.

Brendan Albert to the Miami Dolphins. Yes i said I didn’t think this trade would happen, but times have changed and I think Miami will make the right choice, at their price. Kansas City wants a seconds round choice for the Tackle, but I don’t think they will get it.

The ball is now in Miami’s court. Miami can tell Kansas City they will give them a second round pick, leading the chiefs to take one of the left tackles. After they pick a tackle miami could easly tell Kansas City they will give them a 3rd round pick.

KC would have their hands tied, having to take the pick, unless they want to keep Albert and the new LT. Wasting both a pick and having to eat Albert’s contract.

The New England Patriots do not have a lot of picks, only 5 through the entire draft. But that does not mean the Patriots don’t have to tools to trade for a pick, if they see a player they really like.

Ryan Mallet may be on his way out, especially after Brady signed an extension with the Patriots for three more years. If the Pats wanted Mallet to start, it would be after Brady retired in three years. Mallet would be a six year veteran by then, and he may be to old with too little playing time.

There are at least 5 teams that would like to get some depth at quarterback, even though there aren’t too many solid rookies in the draft. Mallet may be the best quarterback option this year, better then all QBs in the draft, making him a key trading piece for the Patriots if they choose to get a few extra picks in the draft.

The third could take place near the end of the first round, involving either the Bills or the Jets. I don’t expect either of these teams to take a QB in the top 13 of the draft. But near the end of the round, if one of these two teams really want a qb it would not be surprising to see them trade back up. The Vikings, or even the Patriots could be trading partners for these teams.