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Dolphins’ Sunday Prison Connection


The Miami Dolphins do not have anyone arrested from any late night parties on Saturday night.  That we are aware of.  There is however an image of Mike and Maurkice Pouncey making its way around the internet this morning wearing hats that say “Free Hernandez”.   (scroll down for news on Cecil Collins)

On the record I will say the hats look as though they were digitally enhanced, on first glance.  Apparently the two wore these “Free Hernandez” hats out to a nightclub where as is the norm in this modern day arena of instant gratification and fame, the cell phone images made their way to “Twitter”.  The image was then posted on Deadspin.

If those are real hats then the Dolphins need to have a sit down with their twin of the duo and have a serious sensitivity training session.  So for the remainder of this chat let us assume for a brief moment that it is real.  I’ll start by saying it’s in bad taste and extremely classless.  I don’t care about what Maurkice wears he isn’t a member of the Dolphins but Mike is.

The entire fiasco in New England surrounding the Aaron Hernandez situation is mind blowing.  Murder chargers are one thing, an execution?  A possible double homicide elsewhere?  A possible tie-in to a shooting in Gainseville while a member of the Gators?  Another shooting in Miami that he settled out of court?  Let’s face it, whatever the outcome of any of this, Hernandez doesn’t appear to be a very nice guy.

Now put into perspective that apparently both the Pouncey brothers who were teammates of Hernandez at Florida were both supposedly questioned in regards to the shooting in Gainesville and were apparently with him that evening, the decision to sport “Free Hernandez” hats isn’t exactly a bright move.

On this Sunday however the talk of “prison” and the Miami Dolphins are not relegated to Mike Pouncey showing some support stupidity towards someone likely headed in that direction.  While Hernandez looks more and more likely on the way in, former Miami Dolphins RB Cecil “I once was called “The Diesel” Collins may be on his way out.

According to the New Orleans Times-Picayune’s Scott Branson, the former NFL RB could be released this week after serving most of his 15 years sentence.  He will have served more than 13 years and could be a free man this week.  In 1999 he was a member of the Miami Dolphins and while a member of the team he broke into a woman’s house and was apprehended.  It was not his first B&E and he was sentenced to the 15 years.

Today his 36 years old and says that his old life is all behind him.  What he becomes on the outside is anyones guess but it’s a life that he will again be in control of.  A world that has completely changed from what it was then.  In 1999 there was no “Twitter” no “Facebook” no constant camera’s.

Cecil Collins has a chance to reinvent himself and perhaps help younger kids avoid the pitfalls and mistakes that he made so many years ago.  Or could simply avoid it all together and just walk away and blend back into a normal life as best he can away from his name and just be Cecil.  Either way, it looks like he will finally get to make that decision soon.  You can read the full article here.