Optimism Surrounding New Look Miami Dolphins


Jun 11, 2013; Davie, FL, USA; A detail shot of the Miami Dolphins helmets prior to their practice at the Doctors Hospital Training Facility at Nova Southeastern University. Mandatory Credit: Steve Mitchell-USA TODAY Sports

Aside from their remarkable turnaround from 1-15 to 11-5 (and AFC East crown) during the 2008 NFL season, the Miami Dolphins have more or less swam under the radar for the past decade. Ever since Jeff Ireland’s frenzy this off season, the ‘Phins have slowly risen to the surface of the media waters. Visit nfl.com and there is sure to be at least one recent article gushing over RB Lamar Miller’s progress in filling Reggie Bush’s shoes or an article listing Ryan Tannehill’s necessary areas of improvement to join the likes of RG III, Andrew Luck and Russell Wilson atop sophomore quarterback supremacy. Heck, even other teams’ players are raving about the Dolphins (mainly the 49ers).

I love the media attention the Fins are receiving. It’s about time if you ask me. I enjoy reading the positive articles (and the negative ones for that matter too) that predict a playoff-caliber season for our beloved team. I am just as optimistic as the next fan. However, I believe that too much optimism or hype surrounding a team can be a bad thing. I understand that this Miami team is far different from the Philadelphia Eagles were a few years ago, but look what happened with them. Let me reiterate, this team is different! Head Coach Joe Philbin would squash nonsense like that faster than Vince Young can say the words “Dream Team”. My point is, how we view our Dolphins will influence (even more than usual) our disappointment or elation this season.

I am by no means saying that as Dolphins fans we should expect the worse this season. I honestly do believe this team will make the playoffs and that Ryan Tannehill will shoulder the immense pressure and be the leader on and off the field that this team needs. However, there is a possibility that this team will struggle. Their schedule is not the friendliest and regardless of who is catching the ball, the Patriots still have Tom Brady on their team. It will take time for the new additions on both sides of the ball to gel. It could take one game or it could take an entire season.  Miami will have to prove that they truly won this off season September 8th against the Cleveland Browns. Until then, all we have is optimism!

Regardless of what you think about this newly-formed Miami Dolphins team, big changes have occurred and are still to come. It is flabbergasting to think about how much has changed in one year for this franchise. No matter what happens this season, all we can do as fans is stand by our team and continue to hope for the best. I personally am ready for some football!