They Eye in the sky report - Daytime drama! With training camp jus..."/>   They Eye in the sky report - Daytime drama! With training camp jus..."/>

Miami Dolphins Daytime Drama


They Eye in the sky report – Daytime drama!

With training camp just around the corner, our long anticipated wait to see our team will finally be over.  I am not sure how many of you agree with me, but I love the offseason. I think of it as the male version of Days of Lives; the drama, the rumors, the awkward silences, the hype and of course the evil empire.   However like all ridiculously themed television programs I want this to end.  Enough is enough; let’s see what our team looks like when the pads come on and the night lights shine.

There is a lingering feeling though, especially with a few members of our secondary.  This day time drama might not be over, as their soap opera might continue all season.  Rashad Jones, Chris Clemons, Brent Grimes, Nolan Caroll are all players within our secondary that are working on their last year of their contract.  And each of them would love nothing more to have their contract status resolved before the start of training camp and just focus on the season ahead.

Let’s be honest with each other, players thinking about their contracts is a win/lose situation for both sides.  Why?  Well, if a player is not focusing on their play on the field or class room or even learning labs with their teammates, how productive can they be? However, the opposite is true as well, knowing that this is my last year to show the front office that I deserve a contract do I bust out of my ordinary routine on and off the field to show my presence, thereby increasing my overall wealth to the team and community?

Bottom line, it’s built up drama that needs to get resolved.  End of story.

There are really only two players on our secondary that I would love to have signed up before the start of the regular season.  These two players are Rashad Jones and Brent Grimes.

Jones had a breakout year last year and has finally understood how to play in the league.  I personally, saw this coming (insert sarcastic voice).  Honestly, I believed he should have been cut two years ago due to his lack of game recognition; however, I have apologized to Jones and now I am excited for his continued journey as a Miami Dolphin. (

Our Head Coach Joe Philbin stresses that, he wants to bring a new culture to the Miami Dolphins, one that would resemble the Green Bay Packers; building from within.  Jones was a draft pick that Philbin inherited and by resigning him it would show that he stand true to his word, furthermore, it would send a message to our new draft class, that if you show steady progress during your tenure the Dolphins organization will reward you.

Unlike Jones, Brent Grime was not a draft selection; rather he is a fresh free agent that recently signed with our team.  Believe what you want to hear, but besides the Mike Wallace signing, this was the most important acquisition we made all offseason.  Before Grimes tore his Achilles tendon, he was working off the franchise tag that was designated to him by the Atlanta Falcons. However, during the 1st game of the season, he took a wrong cut, tore his tendon and landed on the Injured Reserve.  The Falcons, did not believe Grimes would be the same players and released him.  The Falcons mistakes will be our gain.  Reading all the OTA progress that Grimes has made and the fact that he has shadowed Wallace throughout his recovery, only shows how much faith we are putting on him.  I completely understand that we did draft two developing cornerbacks in Jamar Taylor and Will Davis, but having a solid veteran like Grimes to educate them on the NFL will only benefit their development.

The world is turning….a Guiding light is almost there…these two players remain Young and Restless.  Their day time drama is not close to ending until they sign their name on that long awaited dotted line…until then…these remain the days of their lives.