Dolphins WR Workouts Net…Julius Pruitt?


The Miami Dolphins felt they needed to beef up their WR group after losing Armon Binns for the season to an ACL injury and due to an undisclosed injury to Rishard Mathews that has him out for an, well, undisclosed period of time.  Last night just prior to the start of the teams first intra-squad scrimmage, Brian Hartline appeared to have injured his calf.  Lucky for the Jeff Ireland and company they already had a couple of WR’s scheduled to workout today in Davie.

Laurent Robinson was the “name” working out for the team.  A target of the team last off-season, Robinson signed a big chunk contract with the Jaguars as a free agent but concussions kept him off the field and eventually led to his release.  Fitting that the invited competition to the tryout today would be former Indianapolis Colt WR Austin Collie who has suffered three concussions of his own.  Fear not Miami fans, the Dolphins slipped in another WR to take a peek at.

Former Miami Dolphins WR Julius Pruitt made a show and wouldn’t you know it.  Pruitt once again is a Miami Dolphin.

Maybe the injury to Mathews is not that big of a deal.  Hopefully the injury to Hartline is nothing short of a nick.  Pruitt couldn’t make the Dolphins roster of Marlon Moore or what was that other guys name?  Oh yeah, Roberto Wallace.  Unlike the other two he is back.  I can’t see where he would actually fit in with this squad but apparently the Dolphins feel that he can somehow compete and who knows maybe he has something to prove now that he realizes how much work needs to be put in to make the roster.

Brian Hartline said way back when that the Dolphins looked like they would have the best WR corp in the AFC East…that isn’t quite looking to be true these days.  Of course judging by the rest of the AFC East it’s still not that far off from being the truth.  For those wanting a 4th WR that could actually make an impact on the team…may want to rethink that thought.  The good news is that the Dolphins didn’t guarantee money to a guy like Robinson like they did Naanee who simply couldn’t cut it.