It's time for fantasy football!  Within the next four week..."/> It's time for fantasy football!  Within the next four week..."/>

August Is Fantasy Football Month – Join Now!


It’s time for fantasy football!  Within the next four weeks you will be drafting your teams and planning on a successful 2013 fantasy football season.  Take advantage of our FF leagues now!.  With spots still available the window to join is closing fast.  Compete and win money!  Two league types are open as of today and two others with spots that may come available.  Both are $25.00 per team.  To join one of our leagues simply Email me at and tell me what league you want to join!  The deadline to join one of these leagues will be determined based on participation and league’s filling.

League 1:  Straight up FF!  League is an 11 team league with my running the 12th team.  My team doesn’t count but will be competing.  If I make Playoffs my spot goes to next in line.  $25.00 buy in with 5.00 per team going towards our charity drive.  $200.00 dollars is paid out to 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place.  1st – 150.00, 2nd – $40.00, 3rd – $30.00.

There are currently 2 leagues forming.  The first league has seven spots left. 

League 2:  Straight up winner takes all charity league!  $25.00 per team.  $100.00 prize to the winner.  12 team league.  The entire rest of the money goes to our charity drive.  This league is entering it’s 4th season.

There are 4 spots left in this league and will close when full.

Charity League 2:  If you want to increase your chance of winning this is the league for you!  8 team minimum.  $25.00 buy in $100.00 payout.  One in 7 shot of winning it all!  I will manage team 8 but I am not eligible.  $75.00 of this league will go to charity.  You have a 1 in 7 shot of winning $100.00.  If you want to join this league Email me at and tell me you want the 8 team charity league.  There are NO payouts for 2nd or 3rd place.

BIG MONEY LEAGUE – This is a non-charity league.  $50.00 buy in.  All money is paid out to the top teams in the league.  This is a 12 team league entering it’s 2nd season.

There is currently a waiting list for this league as three teams have not replied to return.

Basic Fantasy Football League – This is a $25.00 per team league.  Pays out  to 1st, 2nd, and 3rd.  No charity donations in this league.  All money paid to 1 – 3 place.  This league is entering it’s 10th season.  It is a non-keeper league.

This league has THREE remaining spots.

IMPORTANT INFORMATION – All draft dates will be decided upon when leagues are full to accommodate all participants.  Once league is full you will be asked to provide your team funds payable by Paypal or by credit card via our sites donations page (contact me for this option).  Once the draft date is set no money will be refunded.  If you option out of the league your funds will be donated directly 100% to the charity drive.

Charity Drive – Our charity drive benefits the Miami Dolphins RideDcc campaign for cancer research.  The money goes to the Sylvester Comprehensive Cancer Research Center where 100% of the money raised is spent on cancer research.  For information please visit  Last year we donated $600.00 through our FF leagues and direct donations.  We hope to do more this year.