Tension Builds In Dolphins Back-Field


Aug 9, 2013; Jacksonville, FL, USA; Miami Dolphins running back Jonas Gray (32) runs with the ball as Jacksonville Jaguars free safety Josh Evans (26) defends during the second quarter at EverBank Field. Mandatory Credit: Kim Klement-USA TODAY Sports

The Miami Dolphins expected battles at various positions on both sides of the ball and with camp rolling along they continue.  In the Miami Dolphins offensive back-field however tension is starting to brew.  While Lamar Miller has the lock on the starting job everything that happens beyond him is up in the air.

According to local media, Daniel Thomas and Charles Clay are part of the Dolphins 2013 plans.  If those rumors are true than you can lock up one RB spot to Thomas and a TE spot to Clay.  Word today is that Jovorskie Lane is no longer getting reps with the first team unit.  Evan Rodriquez is.  While that could be nothing more than a “see how Evan performs with 1’s” kind of move, Lane has been virtually non-existent in the first two pre-season games.  The issue at hand is the Dolphins really don’t need to have a FB on the roster.  Especially given the fact that Clay can play TE, H-Back, and FB.

The Dolphins are expected to keep three RB’s but Dolphins OC Mike Sherman wouldn’t rule out keeping a 4th.  Miller, Thomas, Gillislee, and…?  It would have to be Jonas Gray.  Gray has looked fantastic in pre-season thus far and the Dolphins have no hopes of hiding him on the practice squad.  If his play continues Gray will be a keep or lose type of player.

If the Dolphins do opt to keep four backs then it’s likely that Rodriquez and Lane both will be gone.  The Dolphins will turn to Gillislee and Thomas to handle the short yardage game.  Thus far Thomas hasn’t really shown that he has turned the proverbial corner.  In fact he looks little different from last season.  It’s still young in the exhibition season but fans are growing a little weary of the RB who was expected to showcase far more in his 3rd season.

The Dolphins currently have six players listed as RB’s on their roster after releasing Cameron Marshall 10 days ago.  Marcus Thigpen will be listed as a KR/PR specialist and while Rodriquez is listed as a RB he is more suited to playing a FB style.  The Dolphins will have some tough decisions to make but for now what was supposed to be a relatively humble TC for the offensive back-field has blossomed into a full blown competition thanks to the charge of Jonas Gray.