With the first NFL game of the ..."/>

With the first NFL game of the ..."/>

Last Week To Join Pick-Em League!


With the first NFL game of the season ready to kick off mid-week this is the last chance you have to join our Pick-em League for charity.  Please read below for details.  Make sure you include your EMAIL address in the donation so I can get  you the invite.

NOTE:  If you have already donated and have not received an invite, please Email me immediately with a copy of your donation receipt AND your EMAIL address.  Some did not respond to my replies for Emails.  NOTE:  PayPal blocks the Email addresses so I can not see what yours is.

So you like to pick the weekly winners of the games.  Got it all figured out do ya?  Consistently win the office pools and leagues?  Yeah, I bet.  But can you beat a bunch of Miami Dolphins fans?  Last year over 50 readers of this site participated in our first Yahoo Pick-em League and this year we are firing it up once again!  This year there will be “NO CONFIDENCE POINTS”!

First question you have is what will I win and the 2nd question you will have is what will it cost?  So let’s answer the 2nd one first and then you decide if reading on is worth your trouble.  Then I’ll get to the rules and to how you can join.

COST:  Yes there is a cost but that price is completely up to you.  Each “donation” goes to our charity drive so whatever you decide to donate goes into that pot.  We donate to the RideDCC charity event hosted by the Miami Dolphins to support cancer research by the Sylvester Comprehensive Research Center in Miami.  The money raised there benefits all of America through their research to find a cure for this deadly disease.  100% of the money raised goes to research and NOT to administrative costs or overhead.

You can join the league for a minimum of $2.00 and there is no maximum.  The donation is up to you but it’s your commitment to our drive that gets you into the league.  I cover the cost myself for shipping of all winning items.  See below on how you can donate.

WINNING:  The first, second, and third place finishers will receive a prize package.  Each prize package officially has a face value of $2.00 (for legal purposes.  In other words if you win I at least owe you $2.00 – Better Off Dead reference)   Last year’s prize packages included Miami Dolphins game programs, media guides, cheerleader pictures, game worn socks, and other Dolphins items that I receive from the team throughout my time being invited to their Web Weekend event.  In addition, winners may receive a “Phinatics” shirt or jacket depending on the inventory on hand.

The prize packs are cool fun stuff and when possible may have an autograph of a player or an alumni included when I can get them.  It really comes down to what I am able to get each season and then in turn can turn over to the winners.  The point is you will get some cool stuff that I try and include that most can’t get unless they were either at the game or part of the media groups.

HOW TO JOIN:  Simple.  Send a donation VIA Paypal to PhinPhanatic23@yahoo.com and in the comments option put for PICK-EM league.  OR go HERE, click the “donate” button, then follow the instructions to donate without using PayPal.  Enter the same – Pick-Em League.  I will then send out the league name and the password to join.

It’s that simple.

HOW TO PLAY:  Each week login and make your game by game predictions for all of the NFL’s games that week.  Ties are based off a series of questions that vary each week automatically generated by Yahoo.  The league runs from week one of the regular season through the Super Bowl.  The top three teams win.  In the event that a team finishes tied for either 1st, 2nd, or third those teams will receive an equal prize.  You can join this league up until the start of week 2 of the regular season.

Donations for this league will also place your name on our “Donor’s” page where your name will remain as a charitable contributor until July 2014.

This league is in no way associated with the Miami Dolphins or is officially a part of the RideDCC program and is only a drive by this site to raise money for that charity event.  Prizes will be sent out as soon as possible after the season ends.