Top Three: Ways To Defeat The Saints


With the Miami Dolphins starting off the season 3-0 for the first time in over a decade, national attention has greatly increased, and people are continuing to be less surprised with how this team has performed. Through the first three games, the Dolphins have been playing great team football, while turning many doubters into believers. Despite the success of this Miami team, not too many people have them favored in their next game – next Monday at New Orleans. Even though this should come to the surprise of little, mainly due to the fact that the Saints play some of their best ball at home; especially on a Monday Night.

Even with the Saints being so dominate at home, you shouldn’t count out the Dolphins just yet. Miami is a team that it is made up of a bunch of no names, especially their defense. Outside of Cameron Wake, not too many people know who makes up this defense. With all the buzz currently being put on the progression of second year quarterback, Ryan Tannehill, this defense is coming into this game with the chance to truly make a name for themselves.

Although almost all of the buzz is centered on Tannehill, he and this offense can also make an even bigger name for themselves. Imagine how much more hype would be created about Tannehill if he can go into New Orleans on a Monday night and have yet another impressive performance.

Despite the fact that they have yet to show it this year, the Saints are a beatable team. However, in order for Miami to come out victorious in what is sure to be a crazy environment they have to focus on a few things. Below, I am going to list some of the ways in which the Dolphins can defeat the Saints.

Number One: Force Turnovers

Out of the nine losses suffered by New Orleans last season, Drew Brees has had two or more interceptions in five of them. It’s obvious that Drew Brees is a great quarterback; however, if the Dolphins front seven can find a way to get to Drew Brees, they can greatly increase their chances to win. If the pressure is present, Drew Brees would obviously be more susceptible to throw an interception. Throughout their first three games, the Dolphins have had five interceptions, so you know the secondary can actually catch the ball this year.

Number Two: Run the Ball

I know that the Dolphins haven’t exactly been able to run the ball efficiently. The inability to control the line of scrimmage has really been the Achilles heel for this Dolphins team. Last season, the Saints gave up over 150 yards rushing on six different occasions, winning just one game. Much like last season, the Saints running game isn’t very good. It is imperative that the Dolphins can effectively run the ball on Monday night. Not only can it get things going for the rest of the year, but also take some of the pressure off of Ryan Tannehill.

Number Three: Get Ahead Early On

It is already hard enough for teams to win games tin which they were down early on. Imagine how hard it would be to hear someone say something to you while a racecar zooms by you. Multiply that by 10 and you probably won’t even come close to how loud it will be at the Super Dome on a Monday night if New Orleans is up and the possibility of going 4-0. It is important for the Dolphins offense to come out firing on all cylinders on Monday.  Putting themselves in a deficit is certainly not a positive thing to do, especially against the Saints passing offense.

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