Miami Dolphins Quotes To Make You Shake Your Head


Jul 26, 2013; Davie, FL, USA; Miami Dolphins offensive coordinator Mike Sherman during training camp at the Doctors Hospital Training Facility at Nova Southeastern University. Mandatory Credit: Steve Mitchell-USA TODAY Sports

So the Miami Dolphins are a week away from playing another game.  O.k. they are a week away from everything…they are on a bye.  We are not.  Sorry Armando but when the Dolphins go on a bye week, my bosses don’t force me to take time off.  That’s not to say that there is a ton of breaking news to report.  While most fans are hoping to click a link that says the Dolphins have made a blockbuster trade for an offensive lineman…or even a modest nothing trade for an offensive lineman, the rest of the Dolphins universe still turns.

With the team breaking away from practices and game film for a week and resting their bodies a few quotes have managed to slip out of South Florida.  Now these quotes may be taken out of context and you know what…it’s actually intended.

Offensive Coordinator Mike Sherman

"“He’s been able to handle that,” Sherman said."

OUT OF CONTEXT:  Sherman was responding a question from a reporter regarding Tannehill’s sack total thus far.  Saying that Ryan “is fine”.  Now the out of context is that since Ryan is fine there is no need to you know, fix the offensive line.  The Dolphins have the worst offensive line in the NFL.  They are ranked 28th in rushing and the team can thank the few broken runs of Lamar Miller for not being 32nd.  The Dolphins line is so bad that even when Tannehill isn’t being sacked he is being hurried, knocked to the ground, or at least touched.  There is no relief from either side of the line.  Tyson Clabo is as bad as Marc Columbo…o.k. that’s not fair to Columbo and even though Jonathan Martin has had a better season thus far than Jake Long…that’s not saying much.

IN CONTEXT:  Sherman was responding more about Tannehill’s physical state and mental state.  Referring to Ryan’s ability to not get frustrated under the pressure…I like the out of context better.

"“The guy is as resilient a person, a competitor as I’ve been around,” Sherman said. “And I’ve been around some very good ones”  Sherman said he doesn’t pay attention to the statistic showing that Tannehill is on pace to be sacked a record 77 times.“It’s like a golf score. The first nine you get all excited about, and then you eventually hit your golf score,” Sherman said. “I think as I said, (the line is) a work in progress. I think it’ll all work itself out.”"

A golf score?  A golf score?  Seriously.  I play golf and if my scorecard comes anything close to Ryan Tannehill’s sack total then we are in trouble.  In fact, I don’t think Tiger Woods’ golf score should be a judging point on Tannehill’s sack number.  What bothers me the most however is the fact that Sherman is not paying attention to the record setting pace of the sacks.  Well he obviously isn’t paying much attention to the game because his play calling thus far has sucked.  So what exactly is he watching up in that booth?  Oh, that’s right they have that gadget that lets you watch the cheerleaders.

When it came to the running game, Sherman had this to say about only running it twice in the 2nd half.

"“I would like to be able to run the ball, but if the defense forces you to throw it, you take what they gave you in those situations,” Sherman said."

O.k. I agree with that completely but why weren’t you passing the ball in the weeks before when the defense was giving you that?  Why were you trying to convert a 3rd and inches with another off-tackle run by DANIEL THOMAS?

Time to leave Sherman alone and take a few swipes at Mike Wallace.

Wallace has whined twice this season thus far.  After his non-existent week one he caught 11 balls against the Colts.  He was quiet against the Falcons but not non-existent.  Against the Saints he was non-existent and the lack of passes and the loss further put him into the “diva-recieva” category.  Complaining about not getting the ball and that Mike Sherman, Ryan Tannehill, and of course Mike Wallace needed to get it figured out how to use him.  So of course on Sunday against the Ravens you knew he would be a highly targeted WR.

And he was.  Dropping three passes in the process and basically looking like he was a rookie.

"“We could all do a better job, but anything involving me is my fault, because I could do better,” Wallace said. “I could do better catching the ball, running routes, blocking, whatever”"

OUT OF CONTEXT:  So now after his “brilliant” game against the Ravens, Wallace is shouldering more of the blame.  Maybe he was told to say this so as not to give the impression that he is killing the locker room.  Wallace has shouted that he is the playmaker.  The guy who wants to go to the HOF yet he can’t catch consistently.  Perhaps the Dolphins should get back a designated amount for every dropped pass.  Think it would motivate him?

IN CONTEXT:  Wallace is actually right on the money…if of course he actually means it.  He and the Dolphins offense are not clicking.  The Dolphins opened up strong to Wallace on Sunday and Brian Hartline was almost a non-factor.  The issue here is that Tannehill and Hartline are both on the same page and Hartline is a far better route runner than Wallace who relies on his speed alone.  Taking the ball away from Hartline to feed Wallace’s ego is not going to win you games.  The problem however goes deeper than just Wallace.

The reality is that the Dolphins don’t know how to use Wallace properly.  No 20 yard hook routes, no stick and go, and the Dolphins are using a sideline fly pattern that takes away the field for Wallace when he does catch it.  Wallace needs room to work and using him entirely against the sideline is not going to get him more involved in the teams scoring.   Case in point, the final completion of Tannehill against the Ravens was to Brandon Gibson who slipped behind coverage and angled across the field.  Where was Wallace?  Shouldn’t he have angled deeper?  Like the Tootise roll Pop – “the world may never know”.

O.k. so if you read this and thought my digs were overtly negative then you really din’t read them.  They were both sarcastic and an attempt at simple humor.  Feel free to rip me in the comments…some of you are really getting good at that and believe me it doesn’t go unnoticed…;)