Potential Trade Targets


Oct 7, 2013; Atlanta, GA, USA; Atlanta Falcons tight end Tony Gonzalez (88) stiff arms New York Jets safety Dawan Landry (26) during the second half at the Georgia Dome. The Jets defeated the Falcons 30-28. Mandatory Credit: Dale Zanine-USA TODAY Sports

Let’s face it folks, the Dolphins are most likely not going to make a big splash in the trade market at this point in the season.  History dictates that in-season trading is a rarity in the NFL, especially at a level that has a major impact on a team.  That being said, there are a few intriguing possibilities that rumors have put on the trade block that Miami should at least explore in order to see if there is any yield to them.  I would not recommend trading away talent on the roster, simply draft picks for these two high powered possibilities.  I will say I don’t expect either of these trades to happen, and I definitely don’t believe that BOTH trades will happen.  For Dolfans out there, however, imagine the possibilities.

Josh Gordon, Cleveland Browns 

Why does this trade make sense?  Cleveland is listening to offers on Gordon and is rumored to be seeking a 2nd round pick in return.  That is mighty high for a character risk player who is one strike away from a lengthy suspension.  A team may be able to have him at a lesser cost, and with the ability he has shown thus far to fight for the ball and take over games, Miami would look lethal in 4 and 5 wide sets with Tannehill looking downfield at Hartline, Wallace, Gordon, Gibson and either Clay, Thigpen or Matthews.  There is no way teams can cover them, and one or more would most likely be open- and open quick – allowing Tannehill to get the ball off quickly.  Defenses would be forced to spread out, keeping the number of defenders in the box to a minimum and helping the line.  Let’s face it, Miami isn’t truly attempting to run the ball anyhow, so let’s see them have fun and open it up.  Likelihood: Little to no chance

Tony Gonzalez, Atlanta Falcons

Anyone that watched that Monday night game against a very good Jets defense knows that they had no answer for Gonzalez.  Miami doesn’t currently have a fullback on the roster, so Clay would move back into more of the H-Back position with Gonzalez on the field, and it gives Tannehill two solid quick “dump off” candidates in Clay and Gonzalez.  Gonzo might be available for a mid-round pick, and is a 1 season rental player who will retire at the end of this campaign wherever he plays, but Miami Gonzo could provide stability and versatility to Miami’s offense.  It also bears mentioning that he could bring veteran leadership to the offense, and assist in the development of Miami’s young corps of tight ends in Sims and Egnew.  Gonzalez would likely veto the idea of a trade to anyone that he doesn’t view as a contender, and Miami is within a game in the AFC East.  With the Falcons all but eliminated based upon their record so far, several key losses and a brutal upcoming schedule, don’t be surprised if someone manages to make a compelling case for the standout tight end.  I just pray it isn’t Seattle, the Pats, Denver or New Orleans.  That would be terrifying.   Likelihood: Possible

Offensive Line, Any team

I know many folks would point at the offensive line as an area to look to upgrade via a trade right now, but quite frankly there most likely won’t be a major trade on that front.  Look at the teams that might potentially have the players to fire sale – Giants, Atlanta, Jacksonville, Pittsburgh…  all have offensive line woes at the moment and wouldn’t feature an upgrade for Miami on the offensive front.  Maybe there is some potential there littered amongst Tampa and St Louis, but they aren’t teams that are going to be looking to “sell” talent on the offensive front at this point in time.  Likelihood: Not Likely

If Miami is going to look to make a splash in the trade market, it will most likely be to go after Gonzalez.  This might be doable for a mid round pick  in the 2014 draft – most likely in the 3rd round with the possibility of an escalator clause based upon both his play and their final record.  While it’s not likely to happen, stranger things have happened, and it would be exciting to see him on the field in aqua and orange.  Go get him, Jeff.

Fins up, folks!