Ailing Dolphins Can’t Be Fixed With Trades But Should Try


The Miami Dolphins are playing so flat that Stephen Ross called an owner, coach, GM, meeting after the game.  Omar Kelly said the two members of that meeting who did not have a stake of ownership emerged with a somber look upon their faces.  Fans want change.  The local media wants change.  Change in the way of a trade or two.  Some believe it’s too little too late while others hold out hope that Miami’s Ireland can work some magic and get his team better.  Unfortunately, a trade isn’t going to help the Dolphins win.

That onus belongs on the shoulders of the players currently on the team.

Ryan Tannehill needs to protect the ball better and the offensive lineman need to protect him better.  Is Tannehill’s struggles directly a result of poor offensive line play?  Hard to say with any real decisiveness given the fact that Tannehill’s throws haven’t looked good the last three games when he has had time.  The Dolphins traded for Bryant McKinnie on Monday who was in fact traded after the Ravens deemed him a poor choice to man the tackle spot for them.  They traded two weeks ago for his replacement.

The trade likely cost the Dolphins nothing of significance but they do have other players on their roster that could fetch something on the market.  A trade, as I stated will not be the reason for a winning turnaround but let’s face it, it won’t hurt either.

This past Sunday the Dolphins lost the game but across the NFL teams lost far more.  Jermichael Finley is lucky to be walking after a bone crushing hit against Cleveland that left him with a bruised spinal cord.  His son asked him to stop playing after his last concussion it’s likely to become a beg now.  He will undoubtedly miss the remaining 2013 season.  Sam Bradford is out for the year in St. Louis as is WR Reggie Wayne in Indianapolis.  Tampa Bay lost bruising rusher Doug Martin on Sunday for the year.

The Dolphins on the other hand are sitting on two players that could net them something in a trade.  RB Daniel Thomas and back-up QB Matt Moore.  Neither players is an ideal candidate for any team but Moore has a history of starting in the NFL and while he practices poorly can be a step come game day for a lot of teams.  For instance in St. Louis where Brady Quinn has been signed.

For Thomas, his running ability has been questioned but not his work ethic this season.  Thomas is a hard nose runner who could benefit from a better offensive line.  The New York Giants are in need of a rusher despite the 81 yard TD romp by recently added Peyton Hillis.  Cleveland too could be looking for a running back.

The prime candidate for trade though remains Moore.  Moore is signed for two years with his salary front loaded giving another team a cheap option next season.  Moore could step in and play for almost any team with varying results but a team looking to continue chasing the dream of making a playoff appearance could do far worse.

The Dolphins while having signed McKinnie could still use offensive line help or at worst more draft picks.  There is no question that the Oline needy Phins will approach next years draft looking for lineman to fortify and finally fix the offensive line.

So while this years team is not going to suddenly succeed with a trade or two there is still reason to make one or even two if Ireland can find a suitor.  The Dolphins need to change their mindset in the locker room before they invite new players into it with a vision of succeeding  based on their additions but the Dolphins can’t stay stagnant either.

Speaking with Jeff Ireland this weekend, Ireland said that they will make calls as they see needed and field calls as well.  That they do that anyways.  Nothing is imminent and nothing is out of the question.  Two days later they made the move with Baltimore.