Brandon Gibson Best Phins FA


The Miami Dolphins spent a load of money on Mike Wallace this off-season.  They spent a load of money on Dustin Keller, two LB’s, and a less than half rate offensive lineman in Tyson Clabo.  Fans for the most part cheered the signings of all of Irelands FA additions.  Sans one.  Brandon Gibson.

Gibson lined up as an outside WR in St. Louis last season and was immediately moved to the slot to fill the void left by Davone Bess’ trade to Cleveland.  Many felt that he was not going to be able to make the switch to the inside.  That he would complain about the move and others felt that Dolphins needs elsewhere made signing another WR a luxury at best.  Through seven games thus far Gibson is turning heads and making a name for himself to not only Dolphins fans but to Ryan Tannehill as well.

His first pass of the season was a drop against Cleveland when he was wide-open but since then he has displayed very good hands and a knack for getting open.  This past Sunday Gibson added two TD’s to his season resume and scored one of those in Nat Moore “helicopter” fashion.

Gibson four yard airborne score reminded many of the Nat Moore copter catch two plus decades ago against the Jets.  Leaping from four yards out, Gibson twisted, contorted, and eventually crossed the goal line for a TD bringing the Dolphins to within three at the half.  Positioned about two sections back of the end zone, I managed to catch his aerial leap with my Sony A58.

With six games under his belt, Brandon Gibson is trailing Brian Hartline in receptions by two and his longest reception is only two yards short of Mike Wallace’s longest.  Gibson has two TD’s thus far in the season as well.  The Dolphins will likely rely more on him as the season progresses but his true promise in Miami won’t be realized until the Dolphins find a way to get Mike Wallace far more involved in the offense.  The Dolphins have three incredible WR talents and whether it’s due to Ryan Tannehill’s QB struggles or that of the offensive lines the one certainty is that Miami hasn’t yet found a great way to utilize their WR skill set.

Regardless of the reasons the one certainty is that Brandon Gibson has emerged as a play maker for the team.  One they sorely need more of.