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Miami Dolphins Can’t Afford To Lose Their Locker Room


Miami Dolphins Can’t afford to lose their locker room

Look into my eyes. Understand the frustration that we all are feeling right now.  We are better than this; we are playing better than this.  Even though everyone else is against us right now the blame can’t leave this room.  It’s within us to fix the problem.  Everyone can blame the refs for their phantoms calls, but we can’t lose the brotherhood we have formed here.   We will bend….but we cannot break.

Losing a locker room after four straight losses might happen, but our players cannot allow that to happen.  Once the locker room is gone the brotherhood that was formed all offseason will start to decline and the soap opera drama will start to set in.   Let’s be honest the season is not over, regardless of all the naysayers and the negativity that surrounds us.  We have the talent on this team to succeed.  Reviewing the first half of the Patriots games provides evidence of that.  We held the defending AFC East Champions to three points and our defence suffocated a two time MVP.

We have a shortened week and the best way to move forward is to focus on the future and let the past stay in the past.  No need to bring it up or think about what would have happened if that phantom pass interference plenty was not called on Jimmy Wilson, or why the refs for some reason though that Vernon was trying to punch the ball forward on a fumble recovery rather than seeing what everyone else did, an attempt to recover a fumble.

The local and national media is going to write us off now, based on our four consecutive losses.  Stating that we don’t have the talent or desire in this room to make a statement and prove everyone wrong.  The media will start to scrutinize every aspect of our team, starting with our second year QB and his turnovers.  They will start picking our offence Line men apart, and allocating blame on missed or blown assignment values.  They will read into why our game planning has not been able to utilize Mike Wallace to his full abilities.

This type of negative attention will not stop there; the fans will also start to turn.  Two straight losses against a division foe will start talk about a potential coach and GM replacements.  Our fans will now believe that our fast 3-0 start was something in the past and long forgotten.

We must stand united in our locker room and show everyone what are true character is.  This is our chance to show that we will not go down without a fight.  This team was assembled to succeed and now we have a chance with our backs against the wall to prove not only to ourselves but to everyone that we still have a chance to right this ship.

If you have ever been in a locker room, you will understand that this is where team chemistry is created.  You need to look to your right and to your left and know that you will fight for that extra inch, that extra yard with your teammate.  The locker room must maintain a positive vibe.  Don’t allow the outside drama to leak into this room and united we must stand.

Our time is now to show that we can fight for our team and our season.  Thursday can’t come soon enough.