Miami Dolphins Get Much Needed Monday Night Distraction


A distraction from the distraction is what this game has become for the Miami Dolphins.

A long over due release of pent up frustration stemming from an extended break overcast with turmoil and criticism.

A situation that can break a team up from within, the Dolphins get their opportunity on Monday Night Football to show the nation what their makeup and intestinal fortitude truly is.

Will they succumb to the pressure or will they go out onto the field in Raymond James Stadium unleashing a wrath directed at their naysayers onto a Buccaneers team with the misfortune of playing them this week?

Mandatory Credit: Robert Mayer-USA TODAY Sports

This Monday’s game, even more than last weeks turn around, has the biggest potential to swing the pendulum in either direction. The Fins could use it as a springboard, carrying over momentum from their Hallow’s Eve revival into their next 2 home games, or they can crumble, crawling back to Sun Life Stadium with their tails between their legs.

I’m willing to bet on the former, as this team showed me they had the will to handle a gut check after ending a 4 game losing streak against a quality opponent in dramatic overtime fashion.

The recipe for victory is simple as Coach Philbin aptly likes to put it “football isn’t an overly complicated game”, there is a recipe for success when it comes to how this team experiences success and it all begins with execution and turnover ratio.

When the Fins stay out of their own way and don’t give opponents extra opportunities to beat them by committing silly penalties and turning the ball over, they can beat anyone on any given Sunday as they have enough talent to cause damage on both sides of the football.

Mandatory Credit: Stew Milne-USA TODAY Sports

Another variable in the Fins‘ winning equation is ball control. I know the staff eventually wants to be an ariel attacking team but with limited pass protection, this team is better equipped to be a balanced attack that runs to set up the pass and not vice versa.

If the Fins can play lights out defense continuing their aggressive ways while cleaning up their 3rd and long issues, get another big game on the ground from Lamar Miller while getting some short yardage consistency from Daniel Thomas, and get Ryan Tannehill to avoid turnovers for the second straight game; prime time should be theirs for the taking, pushing them back over .500 with their distractions in the rear view, focused on the distraction from their distraction, the game on the field.

Fins Up!