Dolphins OL Coach Jim Turner Should Go


. Mandatory Credit: Robert Mayer-USA TODAY Sports

 The Miami Dolphins are like a broken record.  How many times this season have we watched them dominate teams in one half, only to be dominated in the other?  How many times have they blown leads late in games, often beating themselves before the other team even has the chance to win the game?  They seem physically unable to put the nail in the coffin, and this inability was never more apparent than last night against the WINLESS Tampa Bay Buccaneers.  Well, the Bucs aren’t winless anymore and Miami is now 4-5 and reeling.  Many fans and “experts” alike are predicting the firing of Jeff Ireland, Mike Sherman and Joe Philbin.  While I am not saying these men will have their jobs at the end of the season, I think the first person who needs to go is OL Coach Jim Turner.

The Dolphins have given up a league worst 37 sacks.  I get that some of these are the fault of Ryan Tannehill and a lack of talent on the offensive line, but there is no excuse for leading the league in sacks given up.  What I believe is Jim Turner’s fault is the inconsistency of the line.  Every line has a bad game or two and I am not saying the Dolphins should never give up a sack or should never struggle to run the ball or pass block.  But how can Miami run the ball so well against the Bengals and run so poorly against the Buccaneers?  How can the offensive line go the entire game without giving up a sack and then give up two consecutive sacks at the end of the game during the most important and possibly game winning drive? Regardless of the answer, whether the OL was tired or had a miscommunication or the Bucs defense was just that good (which it wasn’t), it all comes down to one thing.


The Dolphins OL talent wise is simply not the worst in the league, even with Incognito and Martin out.  The game against the Bengals proved that.  Jim Turner has had half of a season to figure out what needs to be adjusted and fixed among his five big men, and he has yet to get the job done.  The line looks incredible for one part of the game, only to look defeated and anemic in the next.  Therefore, I think Turner should be the first to go.  If the problem still persists after his departure, then maybe the problem lies elswhere.

Regardless of what Miami does, the OL must make adjustments and shape up FAST.  This team surprisingly is still alive in the AFC playoff race, but another ghastly performance by the running game or the continuous inability to pass block will only result with an injury to Tannehill and this team once again thinking about the draft instead of the playoffs.