Miami Dolphins Playing For All The Marbles


One game left in this regular season and the Miami Dolphins couldn’t be in any better of a position to attain the goal they set forth in training camp, make the playoffs.

Playing for their playoff lives at Sun Life Stadium against their arch rival New York Jets, the script has set the plot for this season’s climax. 

This one game, means so much to this franchise, the Dolphins haven’t had a playoff victory in 13 years.

Leading up to kickoff, the amount of storylines at play are abundant with multiple endings. The outcome of this one game can dictate the lives of so many, as their fates lye solely in the hands of the players and their execution on the field.

Win, and more than likely, the entire staff gets to return next year; lose, and there will be changes, a shake up at the top wil for sure be on its way. In any event, Joe Philbin is most likely safe but Jeff Ireland and Philbin’s assistants may not get Steven Ross’ patience for much longer.

Certain players heading into free agency can cement their off season pay grade with a strong finish and playoff birth on their resumes. Turn minimum salaries into multi year deals, regain the trust of the front office, or impress another franchise enough to take a chance on their future.

Pre Game Warm Up

While many people on the outside looking in will be concentrating on the story lines at play, the hope is the players and coaches focus in on the task at hand, winning the game on the field.

Staying on the path of success through a season of turmoil and distraction, this team is on the brink of doing something no one thought was possible at mid season. The testament of their strength and will, will be forgotten if they don’t make the playoffs. Win, and this season will go down in the books as something to be remembered.

A baseline for this franchise to look back at as they continue their development as a team to be reckoned with. Last week may have been a blessing in disguise as the stars aligned to keep them alive in the playoff race as they laid an egg in Buffalo, because now it’s do or die football this afternoon with minimal room for error.

Let’s hope the Miami Dolphins’ players understand what is at stake more than the fan base, more than the front office, more than the coaching staff, and crash the Jets on their way to the playoff season where anything can happen. GO FINS! FINS UP!