2013 Miami Dolphins Top 10 Stories

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Number 9:  Randy Starks Gives The Bird

Randy Starks came into 2013 a Pro-Bowler and a starter.  The Dolphins had thrown the franchise tag on him and considered him a vital part of their defense.  Against Cleveland Starks wasn’t announced as the starter.  Jared Odrick was and that didn’t sit well with Starks.  The Dolphins used a rotation of lineman depending on the situation and both Starks and Odrick alternated at times throughout the season.  Unfortunately for Starks, he took the rotation and start of Odrick as a demotion.  Inside the locker room it stayed cool but on the field, his frustrations finally started to boil over.

As the opening weekend kicked off and the Dolphins found themselves battling the Cleveland Browns for an opening weekend win, Starks sacked the Browns QB and immediately rose to his knees and gave the single finger salute to his own sidelines.  Starks would later downplay the incident as a joke between he and another player which may or may not have been true.  Regardless the national spotlight felt inclined to say the discontent of not “starting” was aimed directly at his head coach.