New Offensive Coordinator Must Bring In Something New


New Offensive Coordinator Must Bring In Something New

I know all the talk here is bringing in someone who has ties to Philibin or even the Green Bay Packers, my response to that…is why?

Why are we bringing in someone that will implement the exact same type of offense that we have seen in the past two years, what development will that bring in? How can you spin that to the fans? We believe the hiring of this candidate will bring the same type continuity that Sherman produced.

Hold the applause.

The fact that our points per game only increase by a factor of 1, should tell everyone that we need something new.  I am not saying we should shy away from the west coast offense, but at least a new perspective of that type of attacking offense.

Who might be available…in my opinion you don’t have to look that far.  This former coach has the ties to the Miami area and implements a version of the West Coast offense that might entice the fan base. Who is the prospective coach; Rob Chudzinksi.

Rob Chudzinksi aka Chud,  played and coached for his Alma matter and the University of Miami.  He had a one year stint as the Cleveland Browns head coach before he was fired this offseason.  Why fire a coach one year into his program doesn’t make sense to me. Chud did his best with a very weak skill set, and deserved a little more credit than he got, but then again he decided to take the head coaching job of the Cleveland Brown who’s head office drama is worse that our team.

In 2010, Chud was the Offensive Coordinator for the Carolina Panthers, where he took one of the league’s worst offense and transformed them into a top ten offense.  Furthermore he took the development of an erratic first round quarterback to the next level.  Cam Newton thrived under the mentorship of Chud.  Reviewing our team, I believe Ryan Tannenhill has graduated and learned all he can from Mike Sherman.  Chud would be able to cater an offense to Tannenhill best assets and would be able to take his skill sets to the next level.  Chud has proven experience in achieving this goal, something that we can’t say Mike Sherman had.  Just to put things in perspective, in 2010, the Carolina Panthers finished seventh overall in the league on offense, fifth in points scored, and set a new franchise record for total yards in a season.

Let that marinate for a second.  Is that exactly what we are looking?

The only downside of adding a coach like Chud is that it might not be for long. If we do hire this former Hurricane, and he implements a type of offense that brings us to the next level, his name will once again be linked to head coaching vacancies, but that is a risk we should be willing to take.

I understand the bringing in someone who has ties to our front office is great in order to ensure everyone is on the same page, and doesn’t break the cohesion that has already been created.  However, we tried that the past few years and it didn’t work. It’s time to try something different and the solution is right in front of us.