Miami Dolphins: 3 Possible First Round Selections


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With Seattle’s complete domination over Denver in Super Bowl XLVIII, the 2013-2o14 NFL season finally came to an end.  For the other thirty teams, the off season began a little more than 2 weeks ago.  The next big event on the off season agenda?

The 2014 NFL Draft.

Our beloved and yet frustrating Miami Dolphins have the 19th overall selection in the draft.  It will interesting to see who the Dolphins draft, as it will be new GM Dennis Hickey’s first selection with the ‘Phins, and his first ever selection as a General Manager in this league.  While multiple sources and scouts alike have pegged the Dolphins taking a lineman of some variety with their first round selection, I am not quite sold on the idea yet.  If the right lineman is available at the time, I am all aboard.  If there is little difference between the linemen left and those that will available in the later rounds, I say pass.  Here are my three potential draft picks for the Miami Dolphins with their first round selection (19th Overall).

1. Eric Ebron, TE North Carolina:  There is only a slight chance that Ebron falls to Miami in this draft, but if by chance he does, the ‘Phins must take Ebron.  At 6 foot 4 and 245 pounds, Ebron also runs a 4.67 forty yard dash and has wide-receiver like hands.  He is exactly what Ryan Tannehill could use in his third year and would create match up problems playing alongside Miami’s current TE Charles Clay.  Imagine the possibilities of having the flexibility of Clay and the athletic ability of Ebron.  Offensive Coordinator Bill Lazor will drool if Ebron drops this far.  That being said, it is a big IF.

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2. C.J. Mosley, ILB Alabama:  With both Khalil Mack and Anthony Barr ranked ahead of him, I could potentially see Mosley dropping into the second half of the first round.  I don’t know if you noticed, but Miami’s linebacker core was HORRIBLE this season.  Whether that is the fault of the personnel or the coaching is unknown.  Regardless, adding a player of Mosley’s caliber couldn’t hurt.  Mosley has the size and speed to be the next great in the league.  He is a tackling machine, something the ‘Phins could not seem to master last season.  If he drops to 19, Miami should seriously consider taking him and bolstering a weak middle section of their defense.

3. Zack Martin, OT Notre Dame:  On paper, this pick makes the most sense.  We knew after Miami’s first game last season that their offensive line needed help.  The team flirted with many stop-gap options before finally signing Bryant McKinnie in the middle of the season.  Despite a decent job at filling in and his desire to play more football, Miami must find McKinnie’s replacement.  Martin could be the answer.  He isn’t necessarily the ideal size of a tackle (6 foot 4, 305 lbs) but he has incredible strength and is technically sound.  Scouts say he is worth the risk.  I am not so sure.  However, I see the Dolphins attempting to bolster their weakest group of players and taking Martin in the event that a higher ranked linemen doesn’t fall. As of right now, this pick seems most likely.

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Miami has struggled to find a gem of a first round pick in previous years.  I still stand by their drafting of Ryan Tannehill, and after this season, we will know for sure how that pick panned out.  As for this season, I firmly support the BPA (best player available) approach to drafting.  While the offensive line definitely needs the biggest makeover, I think Miami has more in-house talent than they give themselves credit for, and I would like to see them address other areas.  Regardless of who they select 19th overall, I just hope that the player stays healthy, and lives up to his potential.