Dolphins’ Turner Waits For NFL Not Philbin


Dec 23, 2012; Miami Gardens, FL, USA; Miami Dolphins offensive line coach Jim Turners (left) listens to head coach Joe Philbin in the second half at Sun Life Stadium. Mandatory Credit: Robert Mayer-USA TODAY Sports

The Miami Dolphins are heading to Indianapolis this week for the NFL Combine.  Jim Turner will be part of that group.  The NFL meanwhile has yet to issue a statement on the Wells Report.  They have not issued any penalties as well.

Back in Miami it’s business as usual for the Dolphins who made a PR statement after the report was filed but have been quiet since.  According to a local report in the Miami Herald the Dolphins are taking the approach to do nothing until the NFL makes it’s decision.  It’s consistent with Miami’s non-proactive approach to many things.

Jim Turner could be facing a fine or suspension from the NFL but apparently, if this is true, is expected to face no discipline from the Dolphins outside of any additional penalties the team will levee after the NFL does.  There has been a lot of whispers about who should ultimately be fired from this scandal and Jim Turner’s name has been at the forefront of those quiet hush hush conversations.  Regardless of whether he violated any NFL rules or conduct rules this is a coach who has shown little respect to his head coach.

Consider that he lied to the investigators about his memory of certain instances that everyone else could remember.  Failed to let Joe Philbin know of some of the issues.  While he handled the Martin suicide thoughts and depression well at first did not follow up with Martin at all even after learning of his departure from a psychiatrist.  In fact he failed to alert Joe Philbin that Martin quit seeing him.

A coach who owns a top offensive line might get a pass to some degree but Turner has coached a unit that has under performed in both years he has been in Miami and last year gave up 58 sacks in 16 games.  The line play was also a pivotal reason the team failed to make the playoffs.  Among many others.

The point is that if the Dolphins want to retain Turner than they should indicate that to be the case.  If they want to fire him, then do so.  If they want to wait for someone else to step up for them and do their own work, then it’s yet again inconsistence with the management.  Although I believe this time, it’s the inconsistence of Joe Philbin.

UPDATE:  A new report now is saying that Turner will not be attending the Combine.