Dolphins Fans Embarrassed!


Feb 20, 2014; Indianapolis, IN, USA; Miami Dolphins coach Joe Philbin speaks during a press conference during the 2014 NFL Combine at Lucas Oil Stadium. Mandatory Credit: Brian Spurlock-USA TODAY Sports

Raise your hand if you’re embarrassed. Raise your hand if you think this will set the Miami Dolphins back years. And, please, raise your hand if you think everyone from Jim Turner to Stephen Ross has mishandled this situation.

If your hand isn’t raised yet then either you’re in denial or you have no idea what I’m talking about.

It’s time for the fans to speak out. I know head coach Joe Philbin said in his press conference today that this has been embarrassing for everyone—including the fans.

While Philbin is right, everyone is embarrassed; I don’t really think he knows what we’re feeling. The Dolfans.

And you know why? Because he’s been with this franchise for two uninspiring years. We’ve been with them for decades, but most notably, the last 14 years. We’ve seen almost 20 quarterbacks try and fail, seven head coaches, 0 playoff wins on a measly two appearances.

So he doesn’t know. He doesn’t know what it was like when running back Ricky Williams quit football, he doesn’t know what it was like when the Dolphins went 1-15, he doesn’t know what its like to watch Wes Welker turn into what he has, and he doesn’t know what it was like to watch Nick Saban lie about leaving and then turn his college program into a historic power house.

Yes, we share this and this event, one that will probably turn out to be worst of all, but its everything together that has culminated in this feeling. And you know what’s embarrassing? The Miami Dolphins are one of those teams people use as examples when talking about bad football teams.

They have unstable, often head scratching, leadership. No franchise player. (Okay yes Cameron Wake, but he’s no Calvin Johnson or Tom Brady). No impressive fan base (Yes, often I’m impressed by the number of fans I meet away from Miami, but I’ve yet to see the stadium full in the last decade). No innovative, state-of-the-art stadium. And a head coaching and general manager position that NO one wants.

Sometimes it goes past the point of embarrassing, though, and moves closer to sad. Today when Philbin took responsibility for what happened, but then admitted he had no idea what was going on, that’s a moment of sadness. This is support to be our leader, our henchman to lead us out of the darkness.

So needless to say he fell short.

We have one other option. Its our last option before relinquishing all hope and some might not even consider this an option because they’re already given up, but those who haven’t still have one more reason to show a sign of faith.

Ryan Tannehill.

The quarterback had flashes, sure, but Russell Wilson just won a super bowl and Andrew Luck has made the playoffs both seasons in the league. Griffin made it once. Flashes might have once been enough to inspire the fan base for at least a third season, but not anymore.

There are questions and everyone knows he’s going into the season with one-shot left, so its time for him to answer. If he can lead this team, Richie Incognito will be a distant memory. Winning solves everything. Just ask Kobe Bryant.

No matter what success Tannehill may have next season, though, it’ll never erase Jonathan Martin. No, I don’t think anyone associated with the Dolphins will forget about him for a long time.