Dolphins News Friday Wrap


Jeff Ireland had his acorns and Tony Sparano had the tires he kicked.  It’s still uncertain what exactly Dennis Hickey turns over but for the Miami Dolphins, here’s to hoping it’s a new leaf.  This week the Dolphins kept busy as they prepare for the first off-season workout of the year.  Later this month around April 22nd.  Here is the Friday weekly wrap-up of news you may have or not have missed.

Nate Burleson:  Yes the same Nate Burleson who has been around awhile left his comfy off-season studio gig to fly to Miami to workout for the team.  Burleson’s fit in Miami is not known at this time but the Dolphins seem to be looking for some WR’s.  With Mike Wallace and Brian Hartline the starters and Rishard Mathews playing well to finish the 2013 season, it appears the team is looking to add competition to the mix of Armon Binns and Brandon Gibson.  The team also added WR Michael Rios, Kevin Cone, and recently Ryan Spadola.

Jason Fox:  The Dolphins had/have a need at RT but depending on how you look at that, the team may have addressed it partially by adding former Detroit Lion starting tackle Jason Fox.  Fox when healthy was more than capable of handling the right side of the line.  His addition does not preclude the team from adding another veteran but it should free the team up to draft BPA in the first round come May’s draft.  The only concern about Fox is his durability.

Jordan Rodgers:  His name has some pedigree but thus far he has only completed the trifecta of landing on, now, all three Florida NFL teams rosters.  Rodgers, the younger brother of Aaron Rodgers was signed to compete for the 3rd spot behind Matt Moore, unless of course the Dolphins are planning on releasing or trading the back-up QB.  Rodgers will compete with Pat Devlin.  He has been on the rosters of the Tampa Bay Buc’s and Jacksonville Jaguars after going undrafted.

Ryan Grove:  After 18 years with the Pittsburgh Steelers, 15 as the Assistant Trainer, Ryan Grove has joined the Dolphins to replace the fired Kevin O’Neill.

Dan Marino:  Moving from Pittsburgh back to Miami and possibly back to Pittsburgh with this one, there is a report that Dan Marino is interested in joining the Dolphins or the Steelers in some capacity.  The exacty phrasing comes from Barry Jackson of the Herald when he says Marino would “only consider working for Miami or Pittsburgh”.  No word on if Pittsburgh has any interest in Marino.  Earlier this week Stephen Ross said he wanted Marino to be a part of the organization but it’s unknown where exactly Marino would fit in.  The Dolphins have a CEO, GM, Capologist, but lack someone who could break the ties of any disagreements or someone who completely reports only to Ross.

Buffalo Bills:  It was a sad week for the Bills who lost their long time owner Ralph Wilson.  With Wilson’s passing rumors have run rampant on whether or not the team would remain in Buffalo beyond their contract with the city.  Now word is that the team is fast tracking the sale of the franchise and that a new owner could be in control by October.  I will say this, if the Bills do leave Buffalo and they land in say, Los Angeles at some point, expect the NFL within a year or two of that move to re-align some of the divisions to accommodate the teams location.  It would end an historic rivalry between the two clubs.  In addition, unless the team moved to Toronto, a possibility, it’s likely the team would lose it’s name as well.  Just thinking out loud here.