Hickey “Interested” In Alabama’s Kouandijo


Brian Spurlock-USA TODAY Sports

If you have been keeping up with the rumor mill lately, word on the street is that Miami Dolphins GM Dennis Hickey is very interested in Alabama LT Cyrus Kouandijo.  Kouandijo was considered a top prospect at the tackle position until a lackluster combine.  He is now considered a second or middle round pick.  Despite his worth according to scouts or analysts, Andrew Abramson of the Palm Beach Post has reported that Hickey prefers Kouandijo to the likes of Zack Martin, Morgan Moses, and even Taylor Lewan.  The question is now whether or not Hickey is pulling a trick on the league and falsifying his true feelings for Kouandijo or telling the truth.

Regardless, my thoughts on the matter are this: if the Miami Dolphins reach for Cyrus Kouandijo and select him in the first round at 19th overall, they are making a HUGE mistake.  Not only is Kouandijo injury prone, but he is also a huge question mark when it comes to his consistency.  I have seen the big man play more than a couple times in person, and I can honestly say that it appeared as though a different Cryus Kouandijo (had to include the “Cyrus” part because of his brother) played in each of those occasions.  There were times when he looked like a premiere NFL tackle, and there were times when he didn’t look fit for a high school team.  In my opinion, you do not draft someone who has consistency issues in the FIRST ROUND of any draft, let alone this draft, a draft LOADED with talent.

My message to Dennis Hickey is this: if this is a ruse, please continue.  If this is not a joke and you plan on selecting Cyrus Kouandijo, just please make sure it is not with the 19th overall pick.  Please draft the best player available (which could fill another need if not OT) such as ILB C.J. Mosley.  Be patient and be smart.  Chances are Kouandijo would be there in the second.

I realize I am not a GM in the NFL, nor am I by any means an “expert.”  But one thing I have learned during my time watching the Miami Dolphins and the NFL Draft is that consistency is key in this league.  Those teams who stick to a working plan and do not reach and take what they are given (a.k.a BPA) often dominate drafts and turn multiple draft prospects into solid players.  Dennis Hickey is facing a dilemma early on in his career as a GM.  Hopefully he will make the right move and turn this program around, one player at a time.