Who Would You Take For Dolphins At 19?


The Miami Dolphins have the 19th selection of round one next Thursday night.  With that selection a new era officially begins for the Dolphins.  Forget about what the team has done in free agency, champions are built on draft picks and there is no question Miami has struggled with their drafts over the last decade or more.  This will be the future of Dennis Hickey.  His job is not on the line with one simple selection but a lot will be said about him over that one selection…and others.  Especially if his top choice doesn’t play immediately.

Can the Dolphins afford to play it safe?  The Dolphins could opt to take the safe road and draft an offensive lineman.  That player may or may not work out eventually but in the short term he should be the penciled in starter at either the right guard or tackle position.  The Dolphins could opt to wait until round two or three to take their first lineman and risk not having the one want available when they come on the board.  Finally, Miami could trade down and gain more picks.  Something that Hickey has said he wishes he had.

So the question gets posed to you now.  Who would you take at number 19?  I’m not going to make you do it on your own.  There are players already off the board so let’s narrow that player field down by say, 18 players.  In the poll are the top 10 players that have been linked to Miami in some way or fashion including rumors, other mock drafts, draft expert opinions, and to some degree logic vs. need.  The eighteen players that are not on this poll have already been selected.  They are listed below and are based on a recent mock draft I have participated in.

Jadeveon Clowney, Khalil Mack, Teddy Bridgwater, Derek Carr, Sammy Watkins, Jake Mathews, Johnny Manziel, Blake Bortles, Mike Evans, Greg Robinson, Anthony Barr, Eric Ebron, Aaron Donald, Calvin Pryor, Justin Gilbert, Taylor Lewan, Zach Martin, and Brandon Cooks.

The Miami Dolphins are now on the clock.  I have already made the Miami Dolphins selection and will let you know in the comments who I selected and why.  I do however want you to tell me who you would have taken.  The Poll is below!