Miami Dolphins First Round View


Finally draft week is here and all the hypotheticals can be put to rest once the Miami Dolphins start turning in their selection cards every round. Before we get to this glorious point though, it felt necessary for me to take a stab at the Dolphins first round pick and utilize my inner GM to come up with who I think will be selected at pick 19 and who I want them to select.

Where the Dolphins‘ select in the first round makes prognosticating slightly difficult because there’s a real possibility there might not be much left on the board providing the value of getting selected there. While this is one of the deepest drafts in sometime, the talent drop off from the mid first round to the second round is stark in comparison and the Miami Dolphins find themselves swimming in these murky waters.

From the onset, trading down would seem like the most logical move, especially if all the elite Offensive Tackles are gone by their pick, but finding a suitable trade partner might prove difficult. Especially since that possibility hinges on the right player sliding down the board to entice a team to call the Fins when they’re on the clock.

As for who I think the Dolphins are going to draft? It should be noted that it’s a no brainier if one of the Right Tackles the Fins like are available, you pick the kid, plug him in, and get ready for the next round. Whether that player is Zach Martin, Morgan Moses, or Juwuan James, that has yet to be determined.

Rest assured, if I was in that position, I’d be trying to trade back, as I wouldn’t be comfortable with the value of selecting Moses or James that high. It’ll be interesting to see how Dennis Hickey handles this situation, will he get desperate and reach for a need? Will he stay true to his spoken principles and pick the best player available or incrementalize by trading back and adding picks to his shopping cart?

When it’s all said and done though, I expect the Fins to draft Virginia’s Morgan Moses as he can start at Right Tackle from day one, has the versatility to play the left side, and has the coaching tie of Bill Lazor working in his favor with Lazor hopefully speaking glowingly in the war room on his behalf.

As for who I want the Dolphins to draft at 19… I’d probably be going against the grain with my selection. For me, selecting an Offensive Linemen that I’m unsure is elite because of needs, doesn’t really vibe with me. I’m of the belief system that you must select an impact player early in your draft, select a player with special traits, somebody you can you can add to the fold that will make plays as he learns the ropes.

Mandatory Credit: Andrew Weber-USA TODAY Sports

For me, that player is Ohio State’s Outside Linebacker Ryan Shazier. I’ve heard some people question his instincts and physicality at the point of attack but for me this kid is a big play waiting to happen. With exceptional play speed that would blossom behind the Fins D Line, covered up to the point where he can flow to the football, Shazier would add an element of playmaking that was lacking in the Fins‘ front seven last year.

Sure everyone has been clamoring for Alabama’s Middle Linebacker CJ Mosley. I just don’t think it makes much sense as I’m not sold on him being an upgrade over Dannell Ellerbe. Plus I don’t see Ellerbe being a scheme fit at WLB from Hickey’s perspective, so it would make a Mosley pick up nonsensical in my opinion. Although I wouldn’t be upset if those events took place as I understand the logic.

All in all, it’s safe to say the Miami Dolphins will be looking to address their revamped Offensive Line and find plugs for their leaky run defense in the draft. How it all plays out, is anybody’s guess. We can postulate and hypothesize until our brains cramp, but the fact of the matter remains we will only have a better outlook on who the Fins are going to pick after the first 15 picks play out. Hopefully to the benefit of the team and the city, the new front office’s moves translate to a productive draft that breathes life into a stagnant franchise. FINS UP!!