OTFS Draft Special: Mock NFL Draft, Madison, Likens and More at 8 pm EST


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Join Cat, Paul Picken and Brian Miller as we kick off part 2 of our NFL Draft 2014 series at 8 pm EST tonight! The 2014 NFL draft begins tomorrow night, and we’ll have plenty of draft coverage for you on the show, as well as any notable news, stories, rumors and more. We’ll also talk about the Dolphins schedule now that it has been officially released, some upcoming events and more!

We’ll kick off the show with part 2 of our Round 1 Mock Draft, beginning at number 19 with the Dolphins pick – something you don’t want to miss! We got through the Jets at 18 on part 1 of our draft week series, now we’ll see how the rest of the board shakes out!

As we look forward to the draft, we’ll be joined tonight by several special guests:

Former Dolphins CB and current FinSiders host Sam Madison (@Sammaddie29) returns as a guest and joins us to discuss several his outlook for the Dolphins in the upcoming NFL Draft as well as in the NFL. His perspectives on the team are something you don’t ever want to miss (we might even be able to get him to sing for us again…).

We’ll also be rejoined by FinSiders Host Greg Likens (@GregLikens) to discuss his his perspectives on the upcoming draft, as well as what he’s hearing from the Dolphins and how he’s settling in as the new face of the FinSiders!

Wrapping up the show, we’ll also be joined by Chris Kouffman (@ckparrot) to get his final thoughts on the draft, as CK has provided us with a great deal of information and insight thus far regarding prospects, rumors and more.

We’ll be taking your calls during the show with any questions or thoughts you have on the Fins. If you have questions or comments, you can reach us at 714-333-3302 or you can Tweet our show @OnTheFinSide using hashtag #FinSideQ

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