NFL Draft Day Rumor Winds Swirling


Apr 25, 2013; New York, NY, USA; Detroit Lions former running back Barry Sanders announces the Lions

The Miami Dolphins won’t likely go on the clock until the 10th hour tonight.  Unless they make a move to trade up.  If the swirling winds of rumors are true, they may just do exactly that.

According to the Miami Herald and now picking up some steam by other media outlets, the Dolphins may be or are currently  exploring trade “up” options to land Notre Dame tackle Zach Martin.  Martin would immediately be plugged into the right side of the line where he would compete with Shelley Smith for the tackle position or simply take over the guard position.   The Dolphins would likely have to give up a 2nd or a 3rd to make any jump in round one.

The Dolphins are not the only team making noise.  A report swirling now, this one with a lot of momentum, that the New England Patriots and Houston Texans are close to a deal that will send Patriot QB Ryan Mallett to the Texans in exchange for a mid-round draft pick.  It’s assumed to be a 4th but could go as high as a number three.  A deal is expected prior to the Texans pick at one overall.

In Washington, the Redskins are now receiving interest in their back-up QB Kirk Cousins.  The Cleveland Browns have reportedly offered a mid-round selection for him.  The Browns are expected to draft a QB sometime tonight or tomorrow night.

Tight End Eric Ebron may already be sliding.  According to multiple reports, the Buffalo Bills have other plans with their selection and that a few of the teams that might have interest are looking elsewhere as well.  While TE’s usually have high round grades prior to the draft they do tend to slide a bit come draft day.  That being said, it’s believed that the New York Jets are considering a move up to get him if he falls a little further than that 10 to 15.  The Jets pick on spot before Miami at 18.

The Tampa Bay Buccaneers seem to have interest in moving their QB Mike Glennon and the Arizona Cardinals may be a team interested in a  draft day trade.  It’s likely that a trade would not come until day three (Saturday) as the Cardinals reportedly will only go as high as a 4th round pick.  Which in real terms mean they only want to give up a 5th.

Speaking of the Cleveland Browns there is some circulating wisps of speculation that they could be targeting QB Blake Bortles at number 4 overall but it would not put an end to trade talk with the Redskins for Kirk Cousins necessarily.  The Browns don’t want to enter the 2014 season relying on a rookie QB to take over immediately.  Personally I think the Bortles interest is a leak designed to force Washington’s hand with Cousins.