Dolphins’ Pouncey Needs Help


Nov 11, 2013; Tampa, FL, USA; Miami Dolphins center Mike Pouncey (51) against the Tampa Bay Buccaneers prior to the game at Raymond James Stadium. Mandatory Credit: Kim Klement-USA TODAY Sports

Forget about the hat that read “Free Hernandez” shortly after former New England Patriot Aaron Hernandez was arrested for murder, the Miami Dolphins should have seen his refusal to issue a statement as a sign of things to come.  O.k. so maybe the Dolphins opted to do the smart thing and told him to simply keep his mouth shut.  If that is true they have pretty much failed miserably since then.

Mike Pouncey is a very good football player.  A Pro-Bowl center who has yet to reach his full potential.  Mike Pouncey is one of those players who plays a position that the Hall of Fame loves to induct.  Mike Pouncey also has a serious issue with opening his mouth and putting his foot squarely in it.  Forget about the issues last year as one of the triad of Jonathan Martin’s night-terror’s.  Forget about the fact that in his living room hangs a framed jersey of Hernandez as evidenced recently in a picture.  Forget about the fact that Pouncey quipped shortly after Ja’Wuan James was drafted that he couldn’t wait to see what James was going to buy him.

No, forget all that, because frankly, Pouncey seems to be giving us fodder almost daily.

The latest?  His NFL mandated treatment as part of his involvement in the harassment of Martin last year.  Martin frankly doesn’t believe that he needs it.

"“I don’t think I need that,” he said."

He may not.  He wasn’t the ring leader and his name in the Wells’ report often appeared but as the third party member.  The issue here is that he simply can’t keep himself from making dopey comments that every journalist will run wild with.  The headlines on Pouncey on the Palm Beach Post, Miami Herald, and Sun-Sentinel were more prominent than the OTA reports.  Why?  Because Pouncey is supposed to be a leader and dirt sells.  Pouncey was asked if had any regret about 2013 and how it unfolded, he said he didn’t.

To Pouncey’s credit, this was the first time that he has spoken with the media since last years report was made public and he tried to keep the topic on the subject at hand, OTA’s.  He said he was ready for football and the past is basically the past saying “that’s all behind us”.  Still denial of what the league is mandating for you may not be a smart approach for a player who still doesn’t know if he will ultimately face suspension for his involvement.  Hopefully the local media hounds will let this sleeping dog lie and stop asking Pouncey questions about anything not related to the field of play…but alas, Pouncey can be too good of a sound bite to pass up.

John Jerry and Richie Incognito will need to complete NFL mandated training as well prior to their return to the field in 2014.