Fired Scout Threats Suit Against Dolphins


There are some lawsuits that have no reason to be lawsuits.  The 20 something year old he orders morning coffee from McDonalds then tries to make a cell phone call while he takes a sip, smashes into the car in front of him spilling the coffee into his lap and then suing the fast food restaurant for selling scalding hot coffee.  The same guy that a day earlier screamed at the manager of the same establishment for his coffee not being hot enough.  Yes there are those kind of lawsuits.  Then there is the threat of a lawsuit.

Threatening a lawsuit makes me laugh.  Just do it, or don’t do it.  Today we find out through Fox Sports 1 that the Miami Dolphins are being “threatened” with litigation stemming from a 17 year scout being released from his job.

Now to his credit, Nate Sullivan is really trying to get insurance and health care for his wife who has cystic fibrosis.  He is accusing the Dolphins of violating the Americans with Disabilities Act.  According to a letter sent to the Dolphins threatening the litigation, Sullivan claims that new GM Dennis Hickey didn’t like having one of his scouts working from home.   Sullivan has been staying home to work since 2004 so he can care for his wife.

I know, it’s a great thing to do and it’s very tough as well.  That being said, the threat of a lawsuit, in which Sullivan’s attorney is asking the Dolphins to re-hire the Sullivan, is rather ridiculous.

For starters, many scouts lose their jobs across the NFL after a new GM or coach takes control over a team.  Shortly after the draft, scouts and personnel men are given their walking papers as the new man in charge begins bringing in his own guys.  It’s standard practice and nothing new.  The fact that Sullivan had a job with the team and worked his job from home for 10 years should commended.

Sullivan is also including the NFL in his threat.  Why?  Well for an even more absurd reason.  Because the NFL has yet to discipline the team for the “discriminatory acts” of the organization.  He literally cites “ignorant and homophobic comments” made by Richie Incognito towards Jonathan Martin as well as the homophobic “tweet” by Don Jones after the Michael Sam kiss.  What that has to do with his ailing wife or his job is beyond me.  For starters, I think that his “work environment” was rather safe from any of Incognito’s antics.  Considering he was at home.

Of course another reason, outside of a regime change, that Sullivan lost his job could be because of the taken that Miami has failed to deliver to the team since, well, 17 years ago.  The fact is that all of the Dolphins scouts could justifiably be sent packing.  The letter to the team and the NFL concludes by talking about how the NFL’s inactions on the matters regarding the Dolphins working environment only “serves to foster these illegal practices”.

Nothing personal Mr. Sullivan but file for unemployment benefits like the rest of the freaking nation.