A Morning Coffee Break Of Dolphins News


It’s not all that early this morning.  For most, early is around 5:00 am or even earlier.  Today is my day off, from real world work, and I will be working at nothing more than putting a Pro-V1 into a small hole 18 times.  My first outing of the year.  I’ll stagger back to the computer a little more sun burned, hot and sticky, likely complaining about my game.  Still better than being at my real job.  Here however we don’t really take “breaks”.  With the Miami Dolphins entering day two of their “voluntary” OTA’s we will get caught up and rehash the event later.

For now however, I won’t simply leave you with nothing.  As you sip your coffee here are some of the stories you may have missed over the last day or two.

Bill Lazor talks speed and tempo.

Joe Philbin talks to the media for the first time since addressing the Wells’ report.

The Sun-Sentinel feels these 10 youngsters are important parts of Miami’s machine.

Rookie TE Arthur Lynch thinks offense is fast.

The Dolphins first OTA of 2014 paints pretty pictures.

After you have checked out some of the links above, take a moment to read some of the Miami Dolphins official interview transcriptions of two of Miami’s players.  Branden Albert and Ryant Tannehill.

5.27.14 – Branden Albert.docx


Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Offensive Tackle Branden Albert

(On importance of stretch plays) – “I think that is one of the most important things when you are running outside zone, they’ve got to be the one to influence it. If you don’t get the right reach on that particular person you are going against, you kind of mess up the play. So the tackle has got to be the one that starts off the play and ends it. It trickles down to everybody and the running backs will do their job.

(On if there is a chance his chemistry with the left guard is impacted with multiple players competing for the starting job at that position) – “No. Whoever will play next to me, whoever it is, I’m going to help those guys come along the best way. We are going to work together. Like I said from day one, I’m here to help. I’m not here to be a savior. I’m here to help this team. Whoever plays left guard, we are going to work together. We are going to get it done as offensive linemen, as an offense and as a team.”

(On how challenging it is for the offensive line to get cohesion together and how much work they have left to achieve that) – “We’ve got a lot of work. We’ve got some young guys. I’m still learning. I tell people I’m not perfect. I’m trying to figure out stuff, so the more I figure it out the more I can help Mr. (Ja’Wuan) James and all of the other young guys.”

(On how he feels about OTAs starting and if there is a little more level of excitement) – “I (was) always excited to start today because I’m on a new team and learn new things in a new environment. I had to get used to certain things here as the beginning how we do things around here. But it’s an adjustment. My head was spinning around a little bit, but the more I come out here the more I start learning my way around, the more I can fit in.”

5.27.14 Ryan Tannehill.docx

Quarterback Ryan Tannehill

(On what he has done this offseason to get better) – “A lot of stuff, you know. Mentally, going back to last year, learning a new offense, it’s been exciting but challenging. It’s a complete different system. We’re excited about what we have going right now, but it’s still a learning process. There’s still a lot of new stuff that we haven’t done before, so back to mentally, physically, lifting, running, practicing footwork, throwing, learning every day, everything you need to think about that goes into being a quarterback.”

(On if he can pick it up the new offense fast enough to be proficient and during the season) – “I think so. I think we already have a baseline of going through it just the beginning stages at this point. There’s still a learning curve. It’s not going to come overnight. It’s going to take some time not just for not just me but for all of our guys. The receivers are running routes that they haven’t run before doing adjustments that we haven’t done before, so there’s going to be a learning curve but that’s what this time is for. This spring practice that we have, everyone here, it’s getting better when they have to be here because we’ll have a full camp here.”

(On his feel for the identity for Bill Lazor’s Offense) – “He wants to play fast. I think that’s his biggest point at this time is just getting to the line, playing fast, putting pressure on the defense. We’re going to huddle. We’re going to take our time in that standpoint but once we break we want to put pressure on the defense. And

that’s one thing we’re focused on right now.”

(On Brandon Gibson and Brian Hartline coming back) — “They’re working back to get healthy so it’s a process. It’s not totally 100 percent. Those guys are working. I see them progressing, getting back to March when we first started throwing, seeing those guys come along this entire time has been exciting for me and they’re here working. That’s the biggest thing at this point is they want to be here. They want to get better and progress.”

(On seeing those previously injured wide receivers participate) – “For sure. Thinking of, especially Brandon (Gibson). The injury he had and the major surgery he had, being able to come back and work at this point and see him move like he is right now, it’s encouraging.”

(On him going through the new offense from classroom to his first day with the full team) –“It’s a learning process. We’re doing some different things in the backfield that we haven’t done before. We’ve been doing it on air but it’s completely different when you throw a lot of defense out there then you’re trying to process a lot more information so it’s the fun process. I’m exciting to get in and watch the tape and see the mistakes I made and how I can correct them. But that’s what this time is for and I’m just excited that we have this time, that we’re able to get everyone out here, have all the receivers out here that are healthy working and just start building that chemistry just a little bit so when the ball comes we are ready.”

(On if this is the best conditioned quarterback group coming out of OTAs) – “Probably. We’re moving fast out there. Taking a lot of drops, working on a lot of different stuff but that’s exciting. That’s what we want to

do to get better.”

building that chemistry just a little bit so when the ball comes we are ready.”

(On if this is the best conditioned quarterback group coming out of OTAs) – “Probably. We’re moving fast out there. Taking a lot of drops, working on a lot of different stuff but that’s exciting. That’s what we want to do to get better.”

(On where his chemistry with Mike Wallace rank on his offseason to do list) – “Well it’s big. It’s big time. I think that’s one thing you looked at from last year is just connecting more. Not only on deep balls but just connecting more on every run and he’s been here working in the offseason and putting forth a lot of effort and that’s exciting from a veteran guy like that who’s been in other organizations that maybe haven’t had the same

off season type program that we have. For him to come here and be working this year it’s exciting.”

(On the new offensive line) – “Physically they look very impressive. The guys we brought in are stepping right in. Not missing a step. Branden on the left side has been a great addition for us not only from a team standpoint but just bringing in veteran guy who’s been around. Who can show the younger guys exactly how it’s done.”

(On getting use to new starters) – “It’s a process. You can’t put a number on it. It’s going to happen. I like to come out tomorrow and be 100% gelled together but it’s not going to happen so that’s what this time is for. We can’t put a date on it. There’s not a date that we have to do it by except for the first game. We’d love to get it before the first preseason game where we’re 100% going into the first preseason game but realistically we’re

just looking for that first game and being ready to go at that point.”

(On this being fresh start) – “It’s fun. Just the way things turned out last year wasn’t what we were looking for. Personally, from a team standpoint, from an offensive standpoint, to come out, kind of have a fresh start, new identity, new offense with really talented players across the board. You know you look at our roster, especially on the offensive side of the ball, you see a stacked receiver room. Brought in Knowshon (Moreno) in the backfield. The guys up front that we brought in are really talented players and I’m just excited I get to play with them.”

(On Knowshon Moreno and the running game this year) – “Knowshon is a talented guy. He’s been around. He knows the NFL. He knows the grind of the season and he’s a hard runner. I think that’s his M.O. He’s going to run hard, run between the tackles but he also has great hands just throwing with them with the past couple of months it’s been exciting to see his hands coming out of the backfield. How smooth he catches the


(On if he’s excited like a kid at Christmas) – “It’s fun. The day I really look forward to is the first game. That’s the day we really get to show off what we have. At this point we’re still trying figure out how those toys

work, how they come together as a unit but to have them all out there like I said it’s a good time for us.” ​