Miami Dolphins By The Numbers: 2 & 3


The numbers two and three in Miami Dolphins history could actually be better remembered in something outside of a uniform number.  Off the top of my head, the number three could be for the first NFL team to appear in three consecutive Super Bowls.  Or the number two could be how many Super Bowls the Dolphins have won.  But this is about jersey numbers.

The number two is an easy decision so we won’t have a poll on that one.  Only three people have dressed in a number two jersey.  Cookie Gilchrist in 1966, Willie Beecher in 1987, and Brandon Fields who currently wears the number since 2008.

It’s easy to give a quick consideration to Gilchrist.  Gilchrist was a long time footballer who made most of his name in the CFL where he was elected but declined an induction into their Hall of Fame.  Gilchrist played only one season in Miami before finishing his career in Denver.  Prior to his stay in Miami he played three seasons for the Bills and one for the Broncos.  While Gilchrist has a solid playing background there is no question the honor belongs to Fields.

Since 2008 Brandon Fields has been one of the most steady punters in the NFL.  He has notched a long of 74 yards and has had only two punts blocked.  A consistent special teams ace, many fans often cite him as a games MVP due to his ability to bail the team out of bad spots.  Who wore it best?  Brandon Fields.

Moving on quickly to the number three it gets a lot murkier.  While Fields is a no-brainer, three doesn’t elicit a lot of shoulder slapping memories.  A total of six players have worn the number.  Tom Orosz from 1981-82, Stacey Gore in 1987, Van Tiffin 1987, Mark Royals from 2002-2003, Joey Harrington in 2006, and Jay Feely in 2007.

It’s difficult to decide this one.  In 1987 the NFL players went on strike.  Stacey Gore and Willie Beecham were both replacement players although Beecham hung around an extra season.  Names like Orosz and Tiffin are distant memories while Mark Royals, Harrington, and Feeley are all more well known but still unsatisfying.  In 2007 Feely attempted 23 field goals making 21 of them.  Mark Royals punted 85 times for over 3,000 yards in his year and a half of service with the Dolphins.  Tom Orosz punted 118 times for over 4,500 yards.

So who wore the number three jersey the best?