It’s Time To Join Our Fantasy Football Leagues


There has been enough interest this year that we will renew our fantasy football leagues for a fifth season. This season will feature only two charitable leagues should you decide to join. Details on our leagues are below.

League One:

Our standard league will no longer be a charity league. The buy in for each team will be $25.00 as before but all money will go to first, second, and third. 1st = $175.00, 2nd $100.00, and 3rd will be $25.00.

League Two:

This is the first of our charity leagues. It is a $25.00 buy in 12 team league that pays $100.00 to the winner only. The rest goes to our charity donations to the Miami Dolphins foundation or the Dolphins Cycling Challenge. This league is entering year five. There are spots still available and this will be only one league.

League Three:

This is our $50.00 league that was popular two seasons ago however we tried to make it recurring league but ran out of time to refill the league. Popular demand has brought the league back. This is a 12 team league that will payout $300.00 to first, $200.00 to second, and $100.00 to third.

To join a league.

Joining a league is easy. The fantasy games are held on ESPN. All you need to do is Email me and tell me what league you want to join and I will get you the invite. Leagues will form first come first serve and will continue to fill until there is no interest. Once all the leagues are full a draft date and time will be decided upon as league. Email me at with the Email you want to use to register your team.

Paying for your team.

Paypal is the preferred method of payment for your league. The paypal account is Please send money via the “friends and family” option as that is how it will be returned should you win. It cuts down on the personal costs. If you pay by Paypal you will only receive your winnings by Paypal. If you wish to pay by other means, please go HERE where you can pay using other options.

Please note that anyone paying by means other than Paypal will need to provide an address where a money order or certified check will be used to mail to you (please note that winnings will have the cost of a money order or certified check deducted. A receipt with that amount will be included. Postage will also be deducted if you prefer the money sent overnight or by express mail).

Leaving the leagues.

Unfortunately we ran into an issue last season where a team paid and joined a league only to quit days prior to the draft. In the event that you pay and opt out AFTER the draft date is set, you will forfeit your payment to our charity drive and it will not be returned. I hate to do this but two leagues had to be cancelled last year because I couldn’t reschedule the drafts to fit everyones needs. It’s not fair to everyone else. If a league does not draft, all money will be refunded immediately.

Scoring and settings.

Each league will use minor modified scoring settings. These settings may change roster size and point per touchdowns (ESPN uses slimmed rosters). None of the modified scoring is major and should not impact normal drafting. I ask that anyone joining please review the scoring once you have entered the league.

In the past these leagues have been a fun way for Dolphins fans to come together and play some fantasy football in an atmosphere that keeps all teams involved all season long and gives everyone a chance to win. Last season I did not play in the leagues but will do this year. Because of that, we will need to vote on two other commissioners per league to run the leagues with me.

Hope to hear from you all soon so we can get this party started!