Staff Writers Wanted


Each year about this time we take a quick look out there in reader world to see who might want to join our staff of writers. Requirements are quite simple really. Have a passion for the Miami Dolphins? Good that’s met. Have a desire to express your opinion? Great met that one too. Can develop rather thick skin to deal with the comments from everyone who disagrees with you? O.k. we can work with that one.

Truth be told you don’t need to have a background in literature or a degree in sports journalism you only need to know how to formulate a sentence, know how to spell (sometimes..I kid), and can research anything that you are writing about that is fact and not opinion. Pretty simple stuff right? O.k. it’s a little more detailed than that but in all honesty the let me write here so it can’t be all that hard.

The requirements for this site are very simple but they are also a little strict as well. You will be assigned to assignments per week that you must complete. They will be simple tasks like five players to watch in the upcoming game and maybe an injury report. You will be assigned days that those articles are due. If you want to do more by all means go for it. In other words so long as you can do the two, you can do as many as you like.

Other requirements are much easier to handle. Handle yourself. Be professional at every turn no matter what. Got something bad to say about the team? Say it, just do it with respect.

So right now you are asking yourself, “what do I get out of it?” well that is true, I would ask the same thing. No you don’t get paid, sorry, but you may have opportunities down the road to work with the FanSided Network structure that could pay you for what you write. At times I find it difficult to attend Miami Dolphins functions, so that’s where my staff comes in to play. In fact, one of our Miami local staff members will be representing the site at a special practice with media credentials. Not too shabby for a couple articles per week.

Look it’s a fun way to get your name out there and your opinion and have others read it. It’s not rocket science I can assure you.

If you are interested in joining our staff then take the time to write an article telling me what you expect from this season. You can leave out the “I’ve been a fan forever” we all are. So tell me about the upcoming season instead.

You can Email you articles to me at and remember, take the time to write an article that you would want posted right now. I won’t, but I might, no I’m just kidding. Can’t wait to hear from you!