Five Movies To Get You Hyped For Sunday

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Nothing can inspire someone like a great movie. Some movies can get you jacked up and ready to fight. They tug at your heart and lift you when you need it. The NFL is ready to return to football and did last night with the Seattle Seahawks domination over the Green Bay Packers on Thursday Night Football.

So what can you watch? Sure Knute Rockne All American is a timeless classic and while baseball has far more heartwarming motion pictures, football has quite a few as well. So if you are looking for something to get you ready for the Miami Dolphins opener on Sunday then check out these five films.


How can you not like Rudy? O.k. so my brother doesn’t but he is weird anyways. The production crew took some time to reach back into history and change a few things to give you a more dramatic element to the film but there is no question that the ending leaves you pumped and ready to go out and knock someone’s head off.