Dolphins Philbin Non-Commital On Ryan Tannehill: Poll


The Miami Dolphins have looked bad. O.k. they have looked absolutely terrible on offense. Is it Bill Lazor? Ryan Tannehill? Joe Phiblin? All three or a combination there of? Yes, yes, and yes. Philbin spoke with media today and has been asked repeatedly about his starting quarterback Ryan Tannehill. Tannehill no longer has Mike Sherman holding his hand putting him in a position of comfort. He is being challenged to do more and thus far is not. Is Matt Moore going to start?

According to a “tweet” by Armando Salguero, Philbin is non-committal.

I find it hard to believe that the Dolphins head coach is going to make the switch this week against the Oakland Raiders. It would make more sense to implement a new quarterback after the Oakland game and give Moore two full weeks to get ready for Green Bay. On the other hand starting Moore this coming Sunday would give the Dolphins two weeks to decide who their best option to continue the season is. Many fans want change now while others believe that making a change for the sake of change will do nothing.

Matt Moore has been a back-up most of his career but he did start thirteen games for the Carolina Panthers and started 12 games for the Dolphins in 2011 and won over his teammates with his play. In fact many believed that Moore should have been the teams starting quarterback the first year Joe Philbin and Ryan Tannehill were brought to Miami in 2011. Moore has a big arm and while he can hit the deep ball he often takes a lot of unnecessary chances and tends to turn the ball over. He is also far less mobile than Tannehill but as we look at Tannehill’s play now, he rarely leaves the pocket.

In all likelihood the Dolphins won’t make a change anytime soon. Not this week and not after the bye week regardless of how Tannehill plays. Joe Philbin’s job might be on the line but it’s too early for him to throw in a towel with his quarterback. Philbin is still telling the media that he hasn’t watched the entire game tape yet and that the fault of the offense isn’t entirely on Ryan Tannehill. That alone should tell you his plans.

Philbin is a man who can be pressured into doing what others want. He did that with Mike Sherman and likely would have gone along with Jeff Ireland had Dawn Aponte not been with the team. As many in the media said last January, Aponte teamed with Philbin in an effort to affront Ireland. If this ship continues to sail with no clear leadership Philbin will be alone and at that time he will make a decision on quarterback.

What do you think? Should Ryan Tannehill be benched for Matt Moore?