Attention All Fantasy Football Players!


If you are taking the time to read this then you either play fantasy football or want to. No, I’m not starting another league but I am thinking about starting a private weekly game on What is you might ask well it’s a simple fantasy football option that gives you a pretty good chance to win.

The basics are simple, draft a nine player team that includes a QB, two RB’s, three WR’s, a TE, K, and Def using a $60,000.00 salary cap. The games can be different types. For example you may opt to join a league that has only two games, Monday night football and Thursday night football.  You may opt for the games running Thursday to Monday instead. It will all depend on what league we set up as a whole.


Well that will all depend on how many participants we get to join each game. This is NOT a season long one game option but a season long weekly option that will reset each and every week. Make a bad decision this week on your lineup? No worries next week pick different players if you want. You can select from every player that is playing each week.

The entry fees would range from $1.00 to $5.00 based on interest. For example we might opt to do a Monday/Thursday only contest with $5.00 entry fee. FanDuel sets the winning amounts and those range from the top position all the way down to midway through the entire number of entrants. In other words you may win $1,000.00 or you may win $2.00. Depends on how many people join.

You would need to set up a FanDuel account which is fee and then buy into it with real money through Paypal or a credit card. DON’T do that yet!

We are looking for interested parties who might want to do something fun each week without the headache of drafting players and then being out of it after week two because your top pick is injured or suspended. If you think this might be fun for you, simply Email me at and let me know, just title it FANDUEL Challenge. We are looking to get about 50 to 100 individuals to play each week or so and you don’t have to commit to each game or even every week. I just want to get an idea of how many might be interested.

So let me know and we can get this ball started by next week and have some Miami Dolphins fan fantasy fun!  All money is controlled and paid out through FanDuel.