Miami Dolphins Week 6 Fantasy Football Players


The Miami Dolphins bye week is over and I really can’t wait until next week when I can finally stop saying that to open every article I write. If I were a little more creative I might find a new entry point, like “The Miami Dolphins have players that will be valuable in fantasy football this week.” That is of course if they do.

Caleb Sturgis: Under the radar and likely available in your league unless of course you are in a Miami Dolphins fan league and all the Dolphins players are gone. You know the type, where Brian Hartline is not a free agent. Sturgis could have a very big week this week as Miami should be able to move the ball against the Green Bay Packers defense but can they consistently punch it in? If you are looking at a bye week with your kicker and didn’t have the foresight to pick up Matt Prater, Sturgis should be a good one week fix.

Brian Hartline: As mentioned before Hartline is a free agent in most leagues and if you are looking for a one week fix he could be an answer if you have PPR scoring. Outside of that he has little if any value. Truthfully, there should be far better options.

Charles Clay: If he is on your roster you should have him benched. The Dolphins have yet to explore what Clay should be doing and as a result his fantasy numbers are atrocious. There are better options in free agency…which isn’t saying a lot.

Mike Wallace: Wallace has become the go to guy on the Miami offense and that should continue this week against the Packers. Wallace has been catching a lot of mid-range passes so look for he and Tannehill to go deep at least once and for Tannehill to likely overthrow him. Still he is a solid start as a WR-2 in any format this week.

Ryan Tannehill: A lot of Dolphins fans grabbed him after his Oakland game. Don’t buy into it just yet. If you have to use a QB this week, Tannehill may be your only choice as most leagues have thin free agent QB’s available. But don’t expect a whole lot in terms of points. If you can get 12-15 with six points per TD you might consider it a good afternoon.

Lamar Miller: The questions isn’t can Miller gash the Packers defense and put up some nice fantasy points it’s will Knowshon Moreno bogart touches away from him. My guess is not this week. Ride Miller against a very bad run defense and hold on to Moreno until next week.

Knowshon Moreno: Moreno will likely wear a brace on his elbow. That will not affect his running but could affect the way he holds the ball. Coming back after four missed weeks with a dislocated elbow wouldn’t exactly make me rush out to start him. Add him if he is a free agent which he shouldn’t be but I would err on the side of caution this week and let him sit.

Dolphins Defense: You seriously couldn’t find any defenses this week? Green Bay is a top offense and while Miami is a good defense the reality is Green Bay is going to score some points and that is going to drive down your score.

Cameron Wake: Wake is going to have a tough time getting to Green Bay so if you are in a DP league you may want to look at your roster for another option. Actually Wake can be a week to week beast but you have no idea what week that will be. He probably wasn’t a great invested pick to begin with. Not because he plays poorly but because teams double him up constantly and he get’s held a LOT. You don’t get points for holds but you do for sacks and tackles. Sacks come easier sometimes but it’s still a week to week contest.