Miami Dolphins Fail To Disclose Knowshon Moreno Injury


It’s never the big things that get you into trouble it’s always the little things that continue to build until everything together becomes an issue. To say that Joe Philbin has had a couple of bad weeks dating back to the Ryan Tannehill issue really isn’t saying much. It’s all little things. But they are little things that a head coach should know to avoid. Especially one who has been through a Jonathan Martin national circus. Joe Phiblin is either just now finding out what he shouldn’t say or he doesn’t know what he is supposed to do.

In the latest drama that really isn’t drama unfolding in Miami is the injury to Knowshon Moreno that came out of absolutely nowhere this morning. A full day after the Dolphins lost to the Packers. Moreno rushed one time in the second half of the Green Bay game and then didn’t go back in. Joe Philbin told reporters that the game didn’t dictate his return and blah blah blah.

Unfortunately Moreno was injured on the play and that was not divulged. Not during the game (so what) and not after the game (so what). Well the so what of it is that the NFL requires disclosure and while the New England Patriot now disclose everything from knee injuries to hang nails on the pinkie finger of their 4th string water boy. So what the Dolphins failed to do was tell the NFL that Moreno had suffered an injury and was having tests done on Monday and like the rest of us found out of the injury this morning.

In the grand scheme of things this is nothing but the NFL will likely look into it and give Joe Philbin a stern warning…something that Stephen Ross should do as well. But when you take this incident and you add it to the growing list it becomes just another “shake your head” moment for the Miami Dolphins head coach. It’s all just getting a little old lately and the “I need to do a better job” rhetoric is getting old too.

So he didn’t disclose an injury. Big freaking deal but it is in fact his job to disclose these types of things and when the media is watching your every move, he may want to make sure that his every move is the right move.

UPDATE: The Dolphins have felt it necessary to say that they didn’t know Moreno was hurt until Monday afternoon and that the lack of him playing in the 2nd half was mere coincidence. The team says Moreno didn’t report an injury to the team but apparently at some point Monday someone opted to have him looked at and that is when they discovered the torn ACL. It’s not known if Knowshon reported to the team that he was hurt.