NY Jets Trade For Percy Harvin A Head Scratcher


The New York Jets traded for troubled and egotistical wide-receiver Percy Harvin on Friday and it’s leaving many in the NFL wondering why. The Jets reportedly are giving up a draft pick somewhere between a 2nd and a 4th for the talented receiver. Seattle opted to get rid of the wide receiver after he refused to go into the game late last Sunday in the teams loss to Dallas.

Harvin is one of the more talented receivers in the league but gets in his own way. While Sunday’s incident appears to be the first of it’s kind Harvin has had previous issues with getting along with teammates including multiple fights in his two seasons with Seattle. He was traded to Seattle by Minnesota after Harvin became a locker room cancer.

While Harvin’s off-field issues and apparent lack of willingness to play can be overlooked somewhat given his talent, the real question is why a team that is 1-5 is making such a bold move now.

The Jets for all intent and purpose would need to finish the season undefeated to have any real shot at making the post season and the addition of Harvin is not going in insure the team wins one game let alone nine more. If the Jets feel that Harvin is a big missing piece to making their offense work they are overlooking the fact that they have serious quarterback issues and without a steady or even a decent inconsistent quarterback the team has little or no chance.

There was no question heading into the off-season that the Jets needed to bring in a wide receiver or two. They opted to sign Eric Decker formerly of the Denver Broncos and at the seasons start had $20 million in change left in the salary cap purse. The team can afford the trade but why make it and more importantly why make it now?

It’s not known who exactly pulled the trigger on the trade but it’s apparent that Rex Ryan’s job is very much in jeopardy for a mid-season canning. The move not only screams desperation but borders on idiocy at this point. It’s so unlikely that Rex Ryan returns next season that the trade has only served to diminish the Jets drafting options in 2015. The Jets GM John Idzik had to be the one to make the trade but it’s interesting because his job isn’t on the line although it might be now.

Making the trade even more interesting than the fact that it will be a conditional pick between two and four is the salary. Harvin was signed to a six year $64 million deal in early 2013. The Jets will  have to pick up the remainder of that contract. In addition to the contract there is the injury and production concern. After arriving in Seattle Harvin tore his labrum and missed 15 our of 16 games in 2013. Now through five games in 2014 Harvin has only 22 catches for 133 yards.

Nothing with this trade makes any real sense but then again it’s the New York Jets and no one in the AFC East is really surprised or really care. The Miami Dolphins still have two games ahead of them with the NY Jets.

UPDATE: Harvin’s salary as reported by TheJetPress.com is not guaranteed beyond 2014. If that is true the financial element makes sense.