Bill Parcells Left Miami Dolphins Because Of Stephen Ross


It’s a one sided story to be sure but in a new authorized biography on the Hall of Fame career of Bill Parcells, Parcells calls his time in Miami shortened by his uneasy association with then new owner Stephen Ross.  In the book, “Parcells: A Football Life,” Parcells tells the author that he simply got tired of waiting for an extension from Ross.

"“Ross told me on about four different occasions, ‘Well, I want to sit down and talk to you about the future.’ He never ever does do it,” Parcells says in the book. “I’d been waiting for him and he doesn’t do it. I’m not pushing him, but he never seems to have the time.”"

An early copy of the book was obtained by the South Florida Sun-Sentinel and the paper took some time to filter through some of the more prominent Miami Dolphins notes from that particular section. The article is available to read behind the papers online edition pay wall.

"“My leaving created a situation that was not good for the Dolphins, retrospectively,” Parcells told the Sun Sentinel. “I thought I was doing the right thing for the Dolphins to let these guys go, take [over the franchise] on their own. But retrospectively, I don’t think it was the right thing, because I saw things happen that I would have made every effort to try to avoid.”  This was regarding his “retrospective” look back at his leaving."

While the Sentinel points out that Parcells does speak about his decision to draft Jake Long over Matt Ryan it also mentions that it fails to address the selection of Pat White. The Sun-Sentinel also goes on to say that the turmoil of Jeff Ireland’s involvement in the Jim Harbaugh situation has kept him from speaking with Ireland.

The book is due to hit stores next Tuesday but it doesn’t appear that a lot of time will be spent on Parcells’ time in Miami, and of course why would it, it’s not likely he wants to remember it anyways. Neither do Dolphins fans. In one section of the book Parcells talks about a contract negotiation inside his home with Arthur Blank the owner of the Atlanta Falcons. Unfortunately Wayne Huizenga had a personal friendship with him that kept him from taking the Falcon job. If only time could be reversed…just a little. Personally, I would rather have Ross than Parcells.