Miami Dolphins Offense Outplayed By Defense In Victory


The Miami Dolphins will enter next Sunday one game over .500 for the first time this season after beating the Jacksonville Jaguars on Sunday. The 4-3 Dolphins’ offense looked hungover until the fourth quarter and it seemed as though no one made the trip up the 95 corridor to Jacksonville. In fact the offense was so bad in the first half that they had only seven offensive plays mid-way through the 2nd quarter and were on the verge of not gaining more than 40 yards, combined.

Lucky for the Dolphins their defense and the Jacksonville offense kept them in the game. The Dolphins defense scored twice on pick-six interceptions with one coming from safety Louis Delmas, 81 yards, and Brent Grimes, 22 yards. The Dolphins special teams also blocked a field goal attempt on the Jaguars first series.

Defensively the Dolphins kept the Jaguars from scoring opportunities but in the first quarter it appeared the Jaguars did more harm to themselves than the Dolphins defense. Blake Bortles missed opportunities one after another and penalties cost the team a chance at a field goal. By the time the Jaguars seemed to be ready to get on a roll, the Dolphins defense were ready to step up. Unfortunately the offense couldn’t find a rhythm let alone a yard to save their lives.

The offense was putrid in the first half and it appeared that they would stay that way after halftime. Midway through the 3rd quarter however Lamar Miller started to find running lanes and that would open up the passing lanes for Ryan Tannehill who was under pressure all game long. Guard Daryn College gave up two sacks and more than enough pressures. He was eventually replaced by Nate Garner who got injured a short time later.

Miller finished the game strong adding another 80 plus yards to his season total and Ryan Tannehill found some passing opportunities as he finished with one touchdown and one interceptions with 191 yards passing. 50 of those yards came on a deep pass to Mike Wallace.

The Dolphins did however, once again, leave a lot of points on the scoreboard. Tannehill’s interception came on a first and 10 from the Jacksonville four yard-line and the Dolphins kicked a FG after petering out a first and goal from inside the 10 on the series after Tannehill’s INT.

The game though ugly and far uglier than the 27-13 scoreboard indicates, is still a win and the Dolphins needed it. They will return home to face a hard charging San Diego Chargers team who will have 10 days to prepare.