Miami Dolphins Dan Marino Sitting In On QB Meetings?


There is unquestionably one thing I love about the title to this article. Miami Dolphins’ Dan Marino. Not former Miami Dolphins, but just Miami Dolphins. As in possessive. Why? Because Dan Marino is working for the Miami Dolphins again and that is a wonderful thing. It doesn’t matter what his role is he is Dan Marino.

At a recent event in Miami CEO Tom Garfinkel was asked about Marino’s role and he laughed, shrugged, smiled, and said, “it doesn’t matter, it’s Dan Marino”. The same was passed along by other players who we spoke with. “…I mean, Dan Marino walks through this building every day! How cool is that?” said LB Jordan Tripp and echoed by safety Michael Thomas. The name Dan Marino brings a lot of weight to the Dolphins organization and it really doesn’t matter what it is he is doing.

All of that being said an interesting interview with Don Shula, an exclusive interview with Don Shula by Adam Beasley of the Miami Herald revealed something I hadn’t heard before. Let’s walk through this three different ways. You choose which one you like better.

Dan Marino is sitting in on QB meetings.

Dan Marino is sitting in on QB meetings?

Dan Marino IS sitting in on QB meetings!

Get the picture?

The statement came from Don Shula during that interview when he was asked his thoughts about Marino rejoining the club.

"“That’s good. If he wants to do it, takes the time to do it, he’ll definitely be an asset.” When informed that Marino is sitting in on meetings with the quarterbacks, Shula replied: “He didn’t sit in on my meetings.”"

The thought of Dan Marino sitting in on the game plan with Ryan Tannehill and Bill Lazor is pretty cool. Imagine what Marino’s eyes and experience can be relayed to Tannehill. Has this been going on for awhile and if so is that part of the reason that Tannehill is improving? It’s likely part of the whole picture for sure. The game hasn’t changed that much from the playing days of Dan Marino. The rules have but not the reads and basics.

It was a little nugget from an interview that likely had been scaled down. A couple other quotes from the read are below.

On his favorite memory of the game.

"“The consistency, the way that we played. We were always the least-penalized team. Our guys are smart guys, they never made mental errors. We never beat ourselves. That’s very helpful. Don’t make mistakes that cost you the ballgame. We were noted for guys that knew what they were doing, didn’t make errors, and made big plays, consistently.”"

On Joe Philbin.

"“I don’t know why they can’t. I like everything that’s going on, especially Joe [Philbin], the way he has handled himself, carries himself. He’s got a good background. You can tell the players want to play for him and respect him.”"

You can read more of the Herald interview by going here.