Miami Dolphins Played Physical In Loss


It’s my opinion that for many reasons is shared by some, not all, of our readers. Yesterday’s loss was partially due to poor coaching. I said as much yesterday. Now a full day later, well not quite, I can sit back and revel in what might have been one of the Miami Dolphins toughest games and best played. Despite the loss.

There were no superstars on Sunday that left you shocked in amazement. Ryan Tannehill didn’t lead a long time consuming drive and Daniel Thomas didn’t control the yards with his legs anymore than the offensive line attacked the Detroit Lions tough defensive front. On defense Cam Wake was his normal self and Brent Grimes was as one member on Finheaven dubbed him…Optimus Grimes to Detroit’s Megatron. Grimes played a very solid game.

So why is this such a good loss? Well it’s not but it was a team loss. The offense didn’t lose the game anymore than the defense did. The Dolphins played a very tough Lions team. They have the number one defense in the entire league and the much maligned Miami offense should have put two more touchdowns on the board coming once again into the redone and stalling. For all it’s hype the Dolphins defense shut down the Lions high-powered offense for most of the game unfortunately the last drive was the drive they needed the most.

It’s hard to swallow a loss but yesterday’s loss showcased far more positives than negatives. We know that no one can stop Cam Wake and Brent Grimes can play against anyone. We know that the Dolphins linebackers are better than we credit them for and that the depth on defense is far better than some teams starters. We also know that the Dolphins offense is better than just good. They aren’t great yet but yesterday could have been. Instead they showed us there is still some work to be done. We also know that Ryan Tannehill is one tough son of a bitch.

In the case of Ryan Tannehill it’s safe to say that he has turned that corner in his career. He has become the leader that we said he couldn’t be. He showcased that leadership ability when he chased down his own interception to save a touchdown. We saw him repeatedly get up after being knocked down and getting right back into the pocket to take another hit and get the ball away. Tannehill didn’t look great on Sunday but he looked good enough and good enough is enough to win in this league. The best part is that he is only hitting his stride and has yet to reach his potential peak.

This week the Buffalo Bills will come to Miami for a Thursday night game. Ryan Tannehill has yet to beat the Bills and he is going to need to. The Dolphins season could realistically hang on Thursday’s outcome. At the very least it could put the Dolphins in very bad position for a post-season run.

The Dolphins lost an it sucks but there were plenty of positives to take away from the game none more evident than the teams physicality.